New members need help

New members need help



Hello. I’m on trt. Doctor has had me on it for 22weeks. She started me at 200 mg weekly. But after about 12 weeks she upped it to 300mg weekly (.75cc x2). I have been doing CrossFit for 9 months and my joints hurt bad. So I asked for deca she gave me methylprednisolone instead. Did no good. I don’t think she wanted me to have it. So I decided to take things in my own hands and order from aas pharmacy. I also ordered anavar. They came in yesterday but the more I read and do research I am not sure it’s safe. Don’t know what to do?? I just want to stop hurting and get a little jacked while I’m on my therapy

Do I trust them to be legit?? Maybe I can get some kind of test kit ??

Deca is relatively safe at low to moderate doses. Everyone will react differently as far as side effects. You should have a dopamine agonist/prolactin control supp on hand (bromocriptine, caber, pramipexole). It will bulk you up but add water weight. Joint relief is overrated, IMO, and not guaranteed depending on why you have pain.
You can test them with Roidtest. They are a sponsor here and I believe there is a discount code somewhere in their category.

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Thanks for the information. Do you think what they sent me is legit

Have you heard good or bad about this company? Aas pharmacy and beligas. I want to try but better order kit if no one knows. Look legit ???

No. Just search beligas on here.

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Yeah I read all that when I came on this site - that sucks!!! Btw I bought some n2 guard and choline inositol don’t know which is better and some L-methionine. For liver. Also ala and Tudca. So I was prepared to go all the way lol did a lot of research and watched a bunch of videos

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Not familiar with that source so I cant give an opinion on that. Here’s a thread on this forum

Doesn’t look too promising but it will help you navigate the site and find what you need. You should also post an introduction.

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I just found and posted a link to that same thread.

Any one of those would be fine. Use N2 and Tudca if you go with a more potent oral.

That sucks so bad. I’m not trying to get burned again. I spent a lot of money with them folks. Maybe I should just be thankful for my trt s aas nd cut my lost. I just had my mind made up to go as anther step forward. I’m 45 and in best shape of my life. Wanted to test my limits lol I will post introduction. I just got married. I have 2 kids and my wife has 4 kids. They do CrossFit with me. My oldest boy is 14 and he has been doing CrossFit for 10 months. He is already deadlifting 265 power cleans 185 and he only weighs 140. He is a freshman in high school. Two girls that lift with us. One plays volleyball the other sings. 13 and 15. So we lift as a family. We all did ROMWOD tonight. It’s a stretching yoga thing. We do it after super for the last week. It really brings us together as a family. Wife does it too. But she likes concentrate lifts instead of cf

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Btw thanks for the help. It means a lot. Been researching for weeks. I hit all you tube videos and googled till it’s all blended together lol the other thing I was wondering was about blood pressure. Would all 3 test deca anavar put together make my blood pressure go up and if so how could I help that issue

I’m a construction worker and I’m 6’6”” 250 love basketball and CrossFit. Love Jesus and just got married we have 6 kids and we all love to lift together. Girls plays volleyball and boys play basketball. So lifting helps us in our sport. I am in the best shape of my life. Except for my joints hurting. I always wanted to try some orals. But I never did. Now I’m getting closer to 50 years old I want to see what I can achieve with a little help. I am in shape but really just toned up. I would like to go up to about 275-285 and see what that looks like. I am hard worker so putting out the effort in gym is no biggie. It’s in my heart to lift. Just get excited thinking about it

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You should be fine but would still monitor it. An at home machine for bp isnt expensive and good to have nowadays anyway.

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I bought one about 2 weeks ago. My doctor had me get one. It’s been really good. Just heard that it might go up a lot if I added extra to my therapy. But I’m going keep check on it For sure

Point me in right direction. I’ll be back on here tomorrow to check thread. Thanks again for information and help. Everything is going to work out for my good somehow gn

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Test and Deca will likely increase blood pressure. Just keep hydrated, eat healthy get some cardio in, 30 min 2x/week. Omega 3, coq-10 and red rice yeast if you’re in to supplements. I honestly question their efficacy but I still use them. If it gets over 150 definitely slow down, talk to doc, consider meds. You can donate blood half way thru cycle. Deca is a good one for increasing RBC and can make your blood thicker.

Thanks so much. I have never heard of red rice yeast before. I will definitely try everything you said. What would you recommend that I try. I haven’t added anything to my trt yet. I probably will not try the products I got from aas pharmacy. So I’m not stuck on doing deca just thought it was what I needed. Was researching about joint pain. But I really want to try something while I’m on trt

Puritans Pride has an affordable coq10 and red rice yeast combo supp. That’s what I use on cycle.
Deca will make you hold a lot of water. I prefer NPP, I actually love NPP but dont care much for Deca. Same compound, different ester.
For joint pain look up Alflutop. I havent used it but will be soon. I’ve found it at a couple places. If you search around the sponsors here you’ll probably find it. It is an actual “cure” for many degenerative joint conditions. It’s not a scheduled drug in the states so not really illegal.
What are your goals (for aas) other than joint relief?

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