New order fulfilled from Symbiotec

Another positive A++ experience. I just moved to Italy and used symbiotec. I’ve used them multiple times and no issues. The oils I got were smooth and packaged in a special stealth because I’m in italy on a visa thats important, so legal problems are a big deal with possible deportation.

Always a great experience, don’t hesitate to order from them.


Symbiotec customer as well. I had him make me a custom blend and he gave me great service and communication throughout the entire process. Great products.

Im really happy to hear about the positivity with Symbiotec. Great choice

An update for symbiotec, i’m a independent reviewer and not sponsored by them.

Smooth and from what I can tell, dosage is on point and is indeed what is sold. The oil is one of the smoothest i’ve ran, easy to pin and zero pip even in more sensitive spots. You can def use a insulin 30g to pin no issues if you wanted.


Sounds great if you want you can write him a real review here and it will help him more and also members to be able to see.

Just follow the instructions copy and paste


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