New to all this and feeling like my levels are low after switching

Hey guys. I recently finished my first cycle of trenE and my base was testE .75 ml tren/ 1ml test twice per week. Now I’m back on sustanon 250 1ml twice per week and I feel like my levels are low. Low drive and low confidence are what I’m noticing. Is this normal for the transition I did or is my sustanon maybe no good or weak? I would say the brand but I’m not sure if that would be ok but it is the same brand as the test E I was using and it was great.

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Is your estrogen in Check?


Tren is like the multiplier mega kickass test level through the roof Mother fucker. That might be part of the feeling down. Do you have any before and after bloodwork? That will Surely tell you what’s going on. :grin:


@Johnnyred this seems like a deeper issue internally vs a sponsors quality but we cant rule that out either.

From just the above seems like a progesterone issue. Especially, after stating you were on a compound like tren. We could go into the science of thay 19-nor drug but for now lets focus on treating the symptoms.

For starters i would suggest a EOD admistered dose of sustanon .5ml of sustanon and .5ml of either test c or e. Then i would suggest .5mg of arimidex 2x on non injection days. This above will give you a more steady flat line of hormone vs a up and down pattern.

Next, i would like you to try hcg at 250iu 2x weekly. This will awaken your natural production from your testicals and increase your free test and your SHGB.

Lastly, i woukd suggest ZMA every evening prior to bed. This will help naturally surpress progesterone and get you all aligned.

As always, best of luck and we are all here to help. If you get blood work we can spot the problem immediately. But going off what you are saying this is my best guidance to help.


Fucking great write up! You all are my heroes! :grin: I’ll be reaching out at the end of the month for some guidance!


@Optumpharma I read this and could of swore I was sitting in my doctors office. Killer info brother!


Damn good write up @Optumpharma. Felt like I was getting advice from my HRT DOC who keeps me in check on HRT, and hooks me up with Adex and Caber scripts to curb my blasts I run.


We are dealing with a pro here fellaz :+1:


No bloodwork whatsoever but as I replied to optumphama I’m gonna ask my primary care Dr to do labs Wednesday. Thanks

Thank you. Most of that is foreign language to me and I’ve never had my levels checked. I have a Dr appointment Wednesday and I am gonna ask that they do labs but not tell them what I’m doing at least until I get the results as to avoid a lecture or anything like that.

Make sure you tell them to check estrogen levels too. Most docs just do test levels.

No idea

Btw. Not even sure who the sponsors are and would gladly say so but I know they’re rules against that so I figured best not go there. It’s not your name for sure. Sierra papa lima

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@Optumpharma even if it was us we would do anything to go above and beyond to help with this issue. Your safety, health and goals are what we care about.

Also, like everyone else said. Blood work is key. I dont know what region you are in but i would look into any lab test now. You just walk in i would personally request a full testosterone panel done, estradiol panel and a wellness panel. This will give you everything and more. It’s a walknin clinic no doctor order and results in 24hr.

Once you do that. We are off to the races and can correct this issue within a matter of 3 days. Good luck. We are here for you.


Thanks. You’ve been a great help. I do have an any lab test now in Knoxville TN. They had been recommended to me before. Do you know how much a full panel costs roughly? Also to I need to stop for a while to get my natural levels or get checked on my current cycle to tweak it?

On those internet bloodwork sites you can do a female hormone panel and it will test for all the basics it just won’t max out on testosterone cap 1500.
Its I just heard recently 69$ and change

The roidtest kits are more private and can be done at home in privacy but they cost us around $150 use our discount 20% off UGMUSCLE at check out roidtest dot com.

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I have an appointment at any lab test now in an hour. Do I need estrogen levels checked as well or just testosterone?

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Both would be better estrogen is important so is progesterone or p2 test levels will tell you if your gear is dosed properly.

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Would testosterone only be acceptable for right now due to financial reasons and go from there or is estrogen pretty much necessary?

How much is the cost it shouldn’t be more than $70
Possibly 150 but that’s ordering online and shipping it back out it could take awhile.

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