New to forum here at UGM

Hi im looking to do my first cycle can anyone help?

Well hello Cory. To help you out, you need to give us a bit of an intro. Ht. Wt. age. How many if any cycles have you run and what are your goals? What’s your diet like and how much gym experience do you have. That’s a good start for us to help you out.


Hi so im 25 6ft and iv been working out and eating clean for about 6months and im currently cutting abs are starting to show iv just orderd test e 300mg and novladex. I want to get the ripped look and get bigger but not proper massive. Thankyou for your reply

At 25 we’re you tested for low T? I am curious why you started at 300testE? Most cycle minimum is are 500mg in most recommend first time cycles. At 25 you should be at peak test levels naturally and some huge gains can be made that you will keep for the rest of your life. Is this your first cycle?

Iv not had my testosterone levels tested but i am going to… i havent started the cycle yet but yes this is my first cycle and i just want to see what happens from a 12week cycle

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Yes we can help but we need some information to help you out
First welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around we like everyone to write an introduction so that we can get to know them a bit.

Just remember to have everything on hand if you’re going to run a cycle be as careful as possible were all about harm reduction I hope that you know what you are using isn’t dangerous and is what its supposed to be they have testing kits by roidtest members of ugm get 20% off with code UGMUSCLE.

Do you have any specific questions about anything?
Do you have an AI figured out?
Do you have your pct figured out?

Bloodwork research it and also its all about diet brother if you don’t have a good diet the testosterone won’t do much if you eat big you get big.

Hit me up if you have questions by typing @Bigmurph

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I made this your introduction so that you can get to know members and then join the conversation but read the rules and please follow them


Welcome aboard brotha!

Thankyou i really appreciate the warm welcome. I have a friend who is a nurse and he will be doing my bloodwork aswell as injecting for me just to be on the safe side. I have novla for pct will be starting cycle tomorrow

Welcome I would look into getting an ai as well as you may need it before starting any cycle

Piece of advice. Learn to do your own pinning. You’ll thank me later. :grin:


Anf don’t be afraid if a little blood spurts out from time to time

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Welcome bro. Get it :muscle:

Welcome aboard

Sounds like you going to run your cycle regardless, I would also put a huge emphasis on PCT. If you can’t afford
it don’t waste your time with a cycle bcz your just going to mess up your body and loose all your gains if you do it w/o PCT.

This is my cycle courtesy of @Optumpharma
Below is what i would suggest
12 Week Protocol
Test cyp 400mg- .50cc 3x weekly Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Dbol 20mg- 20mg AM and 20mg PM **Weeks 1-5
Arimdex- .5mg Tuesday and Thursday **Weeks 1-11

HCG- 500iu **weeks 10-15
Clomid- 100mg **weeks 12-14 50mg then **weeks 14-16
Tamoxifen- 40mg **weeks 12-14 then 20mg **weeks 14-16

Reference my posts,click on my Avatar :+1: hmu if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them or I’ll try and find you someone who can bcz I really don’t know that much myself but I have been researching religiously for a while and I would urge you to do the same and educate yourself.

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