New to steroids was looking for tips

Hi I’m from Ireland I seen this site browsing around and was looking for info and help on steroids I’m not new to fitness have powerlifted for years but steroids are hard to talk and come by around my way but was looking to move into more the bodybuilding side but I’ve been at my full potiental awhile and would love to learn the tools to start my first cycle as it’s coming into the winter for bulking
Thanks guys


Welcome aboard! Great place to learn and grow. :grin:

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Welcome boss man!


Welcome brother!! I learned all the good stuff here!!


Welcome age height weight all that good stuff. First cycle generally would be test only


Your In the right place Lad, do you have any idea of what kind of cycle you want to run? What your stats, what are your goals, how old are you, weight ECT.? These things will help us help you brother. :wink:


Welcome. Lots to learn around here, and a great place to do it. As dirt already said, typical first run is test only.


Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the college of knowledge lol



Welcome aboard

I’m 27 by the way so I’ve built a solid foundation by now I’ve been training since I’m 18

Yeah I’m 6.1 95kg I’d say my body fat is around 15-18percent,I’d have a v tapered build at the min if that helps,I’ve just been stuck at this shape for a year now and I’ve tried shock my training and change my diet but I stay around this Weight and build no matter what I try,I just don’t have the knowledge to go step further and if I wanna try a cycle I wanna do it rite
Thanks for your help guys


Great place to get info

Pretty straight forward subject line… I’d make an intro then read around for awhile then reach out for help. That isn’t all this site is about man. But anyways, welcome


Hey brother. I’d guess that if you’ve been training for 9 years and have a Vshaped build your BF is less then 15. But we are all built different so who knows. I agree with @SKYBOUND_423. Check around a bit on the site. Check out cycle s and member logs. And ask lots questions.

Missed this feels right


Welcome brother glad to have you as a member.
I look forward to seeing you in the forums.


Welcome randy. Wondering what your countries rules are on aas?

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