New to the board. Looking forward to help going forward

New to the board. Looking forward to help going forward

Just joined yesterday 6’2” 280 been back to regular training for about 2 years after over 10 years off. Have used both lgd and rad140 this past year and thinking of doing test cycle or use it as vase for left over rad and lgd I have stored. Forgot to mention I’m 34. Any advice would be appreciated. Will be about two months before I use any other compound.

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Welcome glad to have you here

Welcome aboard! We are here to help.

Welcome bro!

Welcome aboard brotha! Test is best, keep it simple till you start learning your body and how it reacts to AAS


Yes simple and less is more.
Bloodwork is key to knowing how your body is reacting to what you’re doing to it.
Bloodwork before / during / after .
Clean diet.

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Welcome to UGMuscle.

Yeah I’ve been good at blood work with the sarms and diet is pretty clean. Only weigh as much as I’m 6 months out from freak ankle break/dislocation on missed rerack in warm up squats

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Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

Welcome, how are those sarms treatin you.

Reacted really well to them almost had my lifts back to where I was when I was playing college ball. If they were cheaper I would consider continuing use of them for another 2 years or so but with future bans and cost may as well go all in as you could say.

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Well if they did you good, then you should really enjoy a test cycle, and I’d venture to guess you probably won’t want to play with sarms anymore, I’m not a fan of them, not a lot of research and fact based evidence, and what they did for me compared to AAS is not even close.

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