New to the board. Tried SARMs and ready for the real deal

New to the board. Tried SARMs and ready for the real deal

Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce myself. Starting training in my teens, in my early 30s now and looking to take things to another level. I’m wrapping up my first SARMs only cycle and decided to look into more traditional anabolics. Ive definitely seen progress but as I’ve done more research it seems like I may as well just do the real thing.

Right now the plan is to come off the SARMs and try to get on TRT while my total test is low. I’ll cruise on that while occasionally supplement with other anabolics.

Any way Ive lurked around for a little bit and this seems like a good community that looks out for each other so I figured id jump in.


Welcome aboard brotha! Pleasure to have you here, if you need anything or have questions hit me up :v:

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

Welcome, lotta things to be learned here buddy, good choice.

welcome brother

honestly if you were dosing the sarms high enough to suppress yourself i would try to get your natural test going again before jumping into it

Welcome aboard man

Welcome to the board!


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