New to the forum, not to the game

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Hey fellow brothers,
New on the forum here; been lifting seriously for over 10 years. Started learning about gear at 18 and did my first cycle at 23. Didn’t look back since then. I am an old school brother and don’t try to get too fancy with anything; no sense in reinventing the wheel; guys looked just fine back in the day using fundamental principles. I also like to keep my doses fairly low compared to what you typically see on the boards; I’m a big advocate of using the least effective dose and synergy between compounds. I have big goals, but I’m not in a rush to get there and try to consider health and longevity as much as possible. Anyways, hope to get settled in and meet some good people


Good to have you around brother

Good brother here UGM. Show him some love.


Thanks Fit; seeing you over here was the main reason I decided to join the board brother!


Well said on my last cycle I tried to reinvent the wheel and it wasn’t as good as it should have been.
I tried to count everything and dose high and it got me alot of side effects with probably the same gains I would have gotten or less than if I stuck with my normal routine.

Welcome to ugm


Welcome to UGM Rev, always good to have old school guys around.

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