New to the group guys and I apologise for jumping the gun

Hey fellas. Now that I’ve made an ass of myself letting my paranoia get the best of me thought I’d introduce myself to the group. My name is Nathan I’ve been working out for 3 years now heavy. I weigh 200 at 5’9. I play guitar and work with children at a drug rehab. I love my job my life is amazing especially due to the fact that I was on heroin for 10 years. I wanted to join the group and get involved with a solid group of Bros who can help me achieve my goals and that I can support as well! Sorry again about the sponsor trouble I had. I’m chilled and won’t happen again. Thanks for having me!


Well that’s better. Welcome. There is A FUCKING LOT to be learned and shared here, along with a proper way to go about things, but I’m guessing you figured that out now, so enjoy the place.


Welcome bro, appreciate you taking the time to make a more appropriate introduction.

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Welcome brother. You’ll find great info here. Just remember, this isn’t amazon, people here have a life and jobs. You’ll love it here man.

I already love it. Question. Anyone run tren after running a short dbol cycle? Like in the same cycle? I know it’s not suggested just want to hear experience

Welcome aboard, congratulations on making the lifestyle changes man, that’s good shit. Were glad to have you aboard!!

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around im also clean 9yrs now we have multiple members who are cleaned up.
5’9" 200lb your ready to really get some strength and mass on your frame.

I look forward to discussing your cycle in the cycle category

Welcome to the board. Thank you for the intro.
There are tons of people on here with great experiences and knowledge on gear.
Glad to hear you are sober, Congratulations.

Welcome, you will dig it here! That is quite an accomplishment on your sobriety, great work🤙

Welcome to UGM!
Running Tren after dbol to solidify the gains would work great! It’s a lot of stress on the liver to push two harsh compounds back to back, but it will definitely keep the muscle gains while getting rid of the bloat. Tren is so powerful you don’t need a lot, especially if your goal is to solidify the dbol gains and keep them instead of trying to push it harder for more growth. 50mg Tren Ace EOD is plenty.

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Welcome to the group. Glad you made an intro and there’s a lot to learn from everyone great people here. If you want to do dbol and tren you can but its harsh on the liver as stated. May wanna look into tbol. It’s like dbol but not as harsh.

How much test do I run with that tren dose? I’ve seen so many different numbers from 150-400

TRT is enough 100mg/week.

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Welcome aboard brotha

Welcome to the forum brother!!!

Welcome to UGM. Congratulations and thanks for helping others with their sobriety. I know firsthand how hard it is, been sober (beer) since Nov. 4th 2014.
This is a solid place with a lot of good, knowledgeable guys.
Read up and have fun!

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