New to the site and first cycle coming

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I just landed here coming from a forum that suddenly was closed. I have to say that I was not an active user there as I had started doing my research on AAS some months ago and I still didnt start with my first cycle so I had no experience to share. Now I´m about to start my first cycle and it will be nice to have experienced people around.

It will be a basic cycle, just Test E to check how my body react to it. In case I have any issue it can be easily avoidable. I also have AI ready, jsut in case I may need them.

For what I have been reading when registering, I have to say I really like the fact that new users here cont don a lot of things so we will be “tested” by the comunity. Interesting concept.




Welcome aboard brotha. I can already tell you did your research and have a level head on your shoulder. Test E is a perfect first blast man, idk what your test is dosed at but hit twice a week (400-500mg) . Have your ai handy here’s a little something I go by determining my estro levels

High estrogen sides

Acne, loss of libido, water retention (Bloat), pissing less than the water you consume, moon face, very small testicles, scrotum hanging too high, soft testicles, extreme oiliness all over, aggression (roid rage), depression, bitchiness, lethargy, insomnia, soft erections, extreme cravings for sugar/chocolate, high bp, bp spikes, enlarged prostate, pressure in lower abdomen when urinating, thin stream, constipation (from water retention)

Low estrogen sides

Dry skin, dry lips, dehydration, loss of libido, good morning wood no wood when its time for sex, loss of wood while having sex, loss of sensitivity, dry gland (penis), white gland, loss of girth, irritability, mood swings, crying for no reason, dht rage (aggression you take out on others), dull orgasm, hesitation just before urinating, night sweats, loss of appetite, constant fatigue, lethargy, constipation (due to dehydration), diuretic effect (pissing more water than you are consuming), itchy scalp, obsessive thoughts

Anyways you should make some astonishing gains of your first run with proper diet of course. If you have any questions hit me up brotha :facepunch:


Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

Welcome to the board.
Lots of great people here and informative as well.

Welcome aboard!

Hi Raphael

Thank you very much for such a complete answer. I cn say it´s already a pleasure to be in the forum :slight_smile:

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