New to the site/introduction

Hey everyone, just throwing up and introduction. Firstly my mistake, I already jumped the gun and posted before putting this up.

I’m from Cali but have recently moved to Utah to explore all the fun/work out here… (sarcasm). I’m 6’1 and mainly stay in the 230’s to 240 and hover around 13% BF

Ive been lifting for about 12 years now. Got started in high school when I was finally fed up of being a 315+ lb fatty and haven’t looked back since. I’ve had injuries like a torn bicep and tricep on my left arm (old army injury I never took care of) and weight setbacks but am finally feeling like I understand how and when I can push my body plus what foods actually work for me.

Thanks everyone for all the good content and hopefully I can add a little to it all.


Thanks and I look forward to reading your future posts and questions.

Welcome to ugmuscle brother

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Welcome to UGM bro! You’re gonna love it here.

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Welcome to the family!!

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Thanks brotha!

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Welcome to the board.

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Welcome my man and thanks for the intro, this is a great group of guys looking out for each other. If you have any questions or concerns just click my avatar for contact info :v:

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Welcome brother!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to UGM. I’m new to this board too but not the lifestyle and boards. This is a good one with a lot of experienced guys.
Have fun.

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What’s up man. Welcome. I am new here too. Been hanging around for a couple weeks. Good job on going from 315 to 230. I’m working on getting back to 230 for the third time in last 10 years. I’m only starting from 260s and I know it’s a lot of work. This is the coolest board I’ve seen on the 14 years I’ve been doing this.


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