New To This Forum. It Looks Like What I’ve Been Searching For!

Good evening. My grandkids call me poppy a derivative of an old nickname popeye. I’m turning 60 next year and have been weight training in some form or fashion since 1973 when I traded a bb gun for a steel weight set.

Strength and conditioning is a lifelong passion. I’ve cycled on and off gear since 1985. I stayed on a blast/cruise protocol of test only sometimes dbol for about 10 years…up to about 3 years ago. I’m currently on dr prescribed trt.

I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for about 6-7 years now. Mostly my fault.

Trying to find my way diet and training wise as I get older.


Welcome. I wouldn’t trade any gun for weights but who asked me.


Welcome brother. Your gonna like it here!! We are all about harm reduction and big gains!!! Make sure you read the rules.

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Hahaha. Of course not @John.

Welcome to ugmuscle were glad to have you around brother

Where might i find the rules? I’m here to share knowledge and ask questions NOT upset any apple carts.


This is by far the best forum I’ve came across.

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That should help



Thank you sir. Not unreasonable rules.

Some stats: up until a couple of months ago I walked around at 220lbs…5’9”. Ive competed in powerlifting at 198, 220 and 242. I ate myself up to 242 to squat 600, bench 460 and deadlift nothing. I always seemed to tear my right lat…never pulled anymore than 135 for a token at a meet. That is all ancient history. I like bodybuilding but don’t have anywhere near the diet discipline some of you guys do!



Cool background story welcome to the college of knowledge brother

Welcome look forward to you sharing your experience.

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to UGM! Good to have you

I have lived a very full life and have a bunch of war stories…some of them are even true!

I came here because I am on a mission for my 60th bday and I need guidance/advice. Our cycles back when were no where near as dialed in as it is today. I have been doing my due diligence trying to educate myself on “todays” protocols. I am one of the fortunate ones that didn’t end up all hosed up or dead.

With all that being said; i am currently researching my way into a blast cycle (age appropriate) in the next couple of months.

Would the steroid cycles board be the appropriate place to post?

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Steroid cycle discussions is the appropriate category and then you can even create a log if you’re into that kinda thing in members logs.
Just remember no one will help you find anything but they will be happy to talk about how all the compounds of today work.


Your definitely gonna be happy here bro!! There is a lot of science here. Not bro science either.

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I mean there is a lot of bro science

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Welcome to the club my brother. Glad to have ya

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