New to this site monster labs usa? I believe that it could be bad any experience?

So I tried a new supplier because my usual contact is just a pain in the arse I spend most miy life work, family and gym . Social circle very small ect . Anyway tried a new supplier and got some test cyp 300 from monster labs usa . Not going to lie bottle came with no box looks cheap and tatty . Has any one ever used this brand before I dont feel like test pigging my self out here :rofl:

Welcome to the board

Thanks still learning how to use the forum first one I have ever signed up to


Welcome. Never even heard of that brand. Id stick to ones we have here as they get tested regularly by members.


Welcome aboard man, Monstar gets good feedback but I have never used em. Check out our sponsors here man, I can say we have some of the best sponsors around. If you have any questions click my avatar picture for contact info.


I made this your introduction and had to edit your title but I understand you are knew and not familiar so please read the rules and just read around the site and you will see were a tight community and were all about harm reduction and calling out scammers. I would test it with a roidtest there great just to be sure that whats in the bottle is what its supposed to be but quality control and sterile that’s a roll of the dice.

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around


That’s cause I

Party like a rockstar
F*ck like a pornstar
Lift like a MONSTAR

Check my ava lol


Thanks for the reply yeah I’m new sorry if I’m a little slow with the way this forum runs ile gove the rules and that a read now and I will surely do the test before I use . And it seems like a good community on here I like that cheers for replying eveyone


Great site def the least attacking message board I have been a part of.

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No doubt brother hit me up anytime

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Sup big man?! You doin alright? @Bigmurph

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Hahahah… You got that!!

Still alive but not well


Hang in there @Bigmurph, damn whatever you have sure is kicking your ass! Hope it all gets better soon!


Hang tough bro


It hit me twice I was sick got antibiotics and then I was good for a day then I got really sick. It just sucks ive been down from this one

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Welcome to the board.

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