New to UG hello everyone

Hello UG I’m Wayne I’ve been on and off for years had some health issues 3 years ago do to car accident did a complete 360 and back in the gym but lost contact to my old gym friends now moved to new area and working crazy hours I figured this would been a great place to meet sponsors and great people who want alot of the same things and with all these scam artist out there I’m selective who i trust… thanks hope to learn alot from all of you


Hey brotha welcome aboard, came to the right place

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Thanks brother wanna start test c in a month a go from there wanna go with a quality trusted source see to many scams in the 5 years I was on and its scary got to be patient with the process.

Welcome to the board.
This is the last forum you will need.

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Agreed. Welcome to the college of knowledge


Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

Welcome to UGM, Big Dawg!

Glad you are here sir

I am new aswell, have been reading with a couple months but only made an account a few weeks ago. I have attempted to use a few forums over the years but UG seems very user friendly and no BS while maintaining a positive atmosphere.

I am slow to trust aswell (due to being scammed previously) however, I have used some of these sponsors already before and I have read some good threads here by the leaders and the lengths they go to fish out the scammers. Looking forward to my time here!




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