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Hey everybody, new to the forum obviously. 34 year old male 5’7 195 about 15-16% BF. About to start my first test only cycle at the end of the month after I get bloods from the TRT doc. It appears there is wealth of knowledge on this site and I wanted to get introduced before I start the cycle and start bombing people with questions :wink: Food is dialed in, workout strategy is on point and I will be runnning 500mg/wk test c for 12 weeks. Thanks for having me!

Im always here to help and so is everyone else if you have any questions fire away.

Welcome to I actually just wrote a message because we have a ton of new members that I would like to get to know through an introduction.
Im glad you got one up.
You might be interested in a contest taking place its not to late to enter and the prizes are amazing. Check out the contest category or search goals and gains 2017.

Just curious what typeof aromatase inhibitor do you use and im guessing that since you are trt no pct after cycle right?


You got it, no PCT for me. I have arimidex on hand and am planning .5mg e3d when the sides kick in. In the past I did an experiment with an elevated TRT run for 8 weeks of 200mg test to check for e2 sensitivity and did not have an issue until I went back to my normal TRT regimen which is only 80mg/wk. As soon as I stopped and went back to the normal dose I broke out on my face and back like crazy and started the adx for a few weeks until it went away. Thanks for reaching out man!

Welcome bro.

Im guessing that is because once your test levels dropped your estro levels were higher than normal. Causing the acne once you dropped your e2 back to normal all your hormones were level again.

Hit me up anytime glad to have you around

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