New way to buy bitcoin if you're new possibly something for you

Hows everyone doing I found that mycelium the btc wallet has a new feature. They have a buy bitcoin right through them with a debit card or banking information. I believe that this will be very friendly to those just starting with btc because mycelium is user friendly and buying from them then sending from your wallet with them straight to another wallet if needed would be very user friendly.
I think that anyone looking into bitcoin should check out mycelium and there buy bitcoin option.

This isn’t available to our usa brothers and sisters only EU I believe


This would be amazing if it became available in the US!


Supposedly soon

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Yeah it would I use ATM. To buy works great and it’s usually in my acct within thirty minutes but let’s all be honest we are lazy we like convenience who doesn’t wanna tie there bank acct to all there illegal activity through a made up monitory system prob by the mob to launder money I for one say hell yeah

I’m pretty sure it’s available to US clients. Mycelium was actually the first BTC app I’ve used, all I did was link my debit card, bought coin, and was able to send immediately, there rates are high but hey you pay for convenience

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It is available to the US. It’s how I’ve been getting my BITCOIN for nearly a year now.

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Nice! I’m gonna have to set this up!

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When you’re purchasing BITCOIN it’s still coming from outside of the US. My only issue is I have to call my bank and open my account up each time I purchase BITCOIN.

I do t think it will let you use a credit card on mycelium will it let you use debit or do you have to link acct? I wanna be able to max all my credit cards out with gear from bitcoin purchases that way I have a tradable good in the zombie apocalypse

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There’s a new way to buy btc then be able to spend it with a credit card that you can use to pay for everything with btc but the credit card doesn’t work in the USA yet so only in EU for now.

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