New Weight-Cutting/Rehydration Rule

New Weight-Cutting/Rehydration rule going into effect and to be implemented across all sanctioned boxing platforms beginning
January 1, 2019

Fighters, fighting in championship, title fights will now only be allowed to rehydrate to 10% of weight class on the day of the fight. There is a big push going on in the boxing world that could have this rule implemented in all fights by January, 2020 across the board, which I personally am for and behind 100%.

This means if fighting @140 a fighter can rehydrate to 154, if fighting welterweight @147, the fighter has 14.7 lbs of rehydration to work with, which personally I believe is still very generous. That’s 161.7lbs.!
(A true Middleweight 160lbs fighting 2 weight classes below where he should be fighting)

I’m hearing some grumbling amongst some fighters but at the end of the day it’s about our safety and just as important as safety, for me it’s about keeping our sport competitive and fair for all parties involved).

Weight cutting has gotten out of control to a dangerous level for fighters health not just in boxing but also MMA. Fighters are cutting weight at a rediculously, unhealthy level all to try and get that little advantage over his opponent.

Personally I’m all for the new rule and would be okay if it were even more strict and tighter. Again it’s about keeping combat sports competitive and as safe as possible, for the greater good of the sport and the health of the fighters. MMA & Boxing are 2 sports that you don’t “play.” With all due respect to other athletes in other sports; baseball, football, soccer, basketball, etc…you take a loss or several and you move on with your team, regroup and move on to the next game…no big deal and most everyone forgets.

Combat sports, sometimes it only takes one loss to end your career or alter your life in devastating fashion, not only that your only as good as your last fight bc unfortunately that’s what people and the fans remember. Everytime we step into the ring or the octagon it could very well be our last time making the walk and stepping through the ropes or hearing the cage shut behind you.


I fully support a weight cutting rule. Not just for professional athletes but for athletes at every level in their development. Fortunately at pre-pro levels these safety nets are already in place in some places.

Thanks for sharing the progress that is ebing made in this area in professional boxing.

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Sounds like they are making the right choices for the sport and for the fighters. I think its a great idea and im all for it. Def should work in your benefit brother now get yourself ready to get that title

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@MBTJR1980 it’s going to work in everyone’s favor, including myself and other fighters who are wanting to move up in weight to prove to themselves and everyone else that they are indeed that great to move up in weight and dominate division as well. That becomes alot harder when you already come up one weight class to fight someone bigger but the guy you face has been cutting from 160-175 and coming down to 147 then rehydrating to a force you to fight a guy 3 weight classes above where you were coming from. Not too mention the health risk these fighters are causing themselves…but the way I see it if you want to be great and leave no doubt fight in your weight class or move up, not dramatically down to gain a huge advantage.

My last fight o had to cut just over 8lbs and that was brutal and took a lot of patience and determination to achieve.
I don’t know how in the hell they can train like they need to in order to prepare properly for a fight in such a miserable state.

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