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im woden
whats up murph. , and trengod ?? thankyou for the invite to check out the site. …
im a mod at another forum , for almost 4 years. i popped in to check out, looks good murph , i like the adult section. …
im lifting natty , shit 25 years , im aas for 6 i think i forget. ,
stats are 5’8" 210. 12 to 15% bf. …
i will post up pics. , and most likely fill out a profile. , let me get use to the navigation. . and im jump right in , nothing shy about me …tty you all soon.


I know you lol

Whats up brother im glad to see you around this way. Im going to shoot you a pm welcome to

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ok ,
its going to take me some time to navigate around here. …

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Welcome @woden glad to have you on our board

thankyou ,

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@PHD is a great guy and our other mod.
@PHD this is a buddy of mine from around the boards he is a stand up guy.
He knows his stuff

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