Good morning folks of UGM. Woden told me about the site, and said it was impressive. So, I signed up to give it go. Like W, im a mod on another site. Things have changed somewhat drastically since some really great members have either left, or were banned. For me, i dont really give two shits about reviews, whos number 1, or who is number 1,000. It takes very little effort to figure out whats what to make decision from whom to purchase.
I am more about the quality of the exchange of ideas, experiences, and useful information to achieve ones goal or goals in this lifestyle. I have very little room or tolerance for drama.

Im 47, 207lbs (just finished a successful mini-cut dropping a percent of bf) 5’9", 9%bf. Been lifting for 11 years, last 3 years have been very consistent and focused. I have about 8 cycles, of which 3-4 were test only. Im currently cruising on test e (150-200/week), deca (100/week), and mast e (200/week). Nice little stack.
Diet is tight, running at 600 cal deficit in general (aside from the recent cut which was 2300-2500, with one refeed per week of 3000)
Getting ready for my fall-winter mass gaining cycle. Ill post it when the time comes.
Im looking forward to getting to you folks as time goes on. I already know a handful of you :blush:

Well its great to see you over here brother how are things going. We have a great site here if you need anything hit me up anytime brother

, :slight_smile:

Ready for Ragnorok! I hear thunder in the distance over yonder fjord, the hammer strikes the anvil as it will the skull of the enemy

you come a long way grasshopper. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you, calm and few others along the way my brother :relieved:

thats why im here to guide. ,

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