Newbie Dosage Question

Newbie Dosage Question

I have a dosage question…… Test E or C What is the highest dose you would run without using anything else…IE estrogen blockers etc. Then my next question would be…what is the max dose you would run and what exactly would you have to use with it? I know…I know…damn newbies! lol I have a friend on here that also works out with me at the same gym and I feel like Im wearing him out with questions at times so trying to give him a break lol

It’s all in how or if your body converts test into estrogen. YOUR BODY…no real way to know that without putting some in and seeing what happens. Need to do bloods and have an ai on hand in case it gets up there. But for a test only cycle you need to do at least 500mg. A week to appreciate it. Just my opinion

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That’s really only accurately answered with bloodwork. I would hate to throw numbers at you without knowing where you stand as a baseline for your natural hormone levels. Test doses can range from 50-1000mg/week, even higher in some cases, and estrogen conversion is different for everyone.

500mg/week is a little high if you have zero experience. After your bloodwork, and after your nutritional education is solid, and after your workout plan has been in effect and you are no longer seeing any gains naturally, which van be months or even years, 200-250 is a good place to start.


Yeah what @McSwickles said

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Yup, you got all the answers, it really depends on your conversion rate. Some guys can run test high without estrogen issues and some guys need to take a little AI on replacement doses. Blood work is the way to find out.
However, I would start at 500mg per week. Why? Because, at 200 or 250 per week you will only be slightly out of your natural limits anyway.


Running first cycle of 500 test in about 2 weeks and just split my xtane tonight. Will run without as long as I can but have it just in case

Yeah, everyone is different bro and their bodies all can react differently to each dose. I would start on the lower side of things just to see how you respond and take it from there. I would also always have everything on hand before starting a cycle too.

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Thanks for all the great advise guys! Mikeym what exactly are you referring to when you say have everything on hand? I will get everything I might need if I knew what to get

What is the xtane for?

Aromasin it’s an ai. Keeps estrogen levels in check

Everything on hand is

Caber, prami

There are others and it just depends on what you are running and your preference of AI and PCT plus dopamine intag to deal with progesterone.

600mg a week. Too low doses are no more then TRT doses and useless to see good results. I won’t go into my upper limit as its changed thru the years and will change again by next years.

My reasoning behind 600mg is this study back in 1996. In the study 600mg was given to males on their first cycle.

Mind it back when I was helping people I started everyone based on this. No one had negative sides and great gains and kept at it. It was my standard for years until someone finally told me to really grow keep 1g test as a base.

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So you find yourself running 1g a week on test when you do cycle?

Usually. Right now I’m under because I’m on the first cycle since I’ve been off for so long with medical things. I’ll finish this out at 600mg and then over summer jump back up to 1g base.

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Thanks for the reply TG! I clicked that link and read the article…thanks for posting!
So to be clear you feel like 600mg a week is safe without anything else like Ai etc?

Ai is going to depend on your body response. Its always good to have. I personally don’t need any at 600mg and no one I had on it needed it either. But some people may. I stick with letro as an emergency in case I need it.

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So what kind off signs would I be looking for? And what would constitute an emergency in needing this?

If your kids start being born naked

I’m a hell of an estrogen converter, even on 200 mg of test e. Puffy burning nipples lethargy or moodiness

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