Newbie Introduction To The Forum

Doing Dbol been for about 2-3 month
Tried test prop100 didn’t enjoy it
Could use some help would like to hit 185 then cut and define hardcore in all areas was thinking of hgh as well @Mossy1985 @Jamie


Welcome to UGM!

You’ve been using dbol for 2-3 months? Also welcome


Welcome man

Welcome brother. You need test also not just orals and I fucking love HGH! Haha

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That’s my question too.


Welcome. Don’t be afraid to pin some test, test p gives lots of people pip, there is other test out there, using dbol for 3 months is to long. Sounds like your lookin for quick gains,with minimal effort, there’s a lot you need to research and figure out, luckily your in the right place



Welcome. I would second the similar concerns? You have been on dbol for 3 months? Have you gotten lab work done?


My liver hurts and my face just swelled up from reading that he’s been on dbol for months!

Welcome to the community man, lots of knowledge here! Soak it all in



I’m just glad he’s here now so hopefully we can get him doing healthy things.


I don’t believe he’s been on the Dbol consistently for 2-3 months. He works out with me. He tried Prop and was staying sore. So I hooked him up with the Dbol I dropped. It was only enough for 4 weeks, maybe 6 depending on dosages. Welcome aboard @Itzzryry

Glad you came to clear things up

I wouldn’t let any of my guys do anything crazy. Even though @Jamie has a habit of running higher dosages than I have recommended him.

I started off at 160lb, I ran test 400mg WK. 25mg Dbol for 6wk ed,npp 20mg EOD for whole cycle,my cycle was for 10 wks bcz I cut it short. I’ve been on PCT for a month and I’ve kept all of my gains. I fluctuate 178-180. I’ve only lost water weight, about 4lbs. My doses were fairly low so I think that’s contributing to me keeping my gains.


And welcome my man✌️

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