Newbie (Minimalist-1st Cycle)

First, I would like to say that my wife and I are very conservative when it comes to medications etc., so I want to be as minimalist as possible first time around, before delving into possible higher tolerated cycles.

Getting ready to make first purchase from @paramexer and received a bit of feedback from him on cycle, but wanted to run it here for additional feedback to see if I’m on track and avoid me confusing myself any more than currently.

Me: (6’ 2”, 195, 14% BF)
Possible Cycle:
-TestE or TestC 200MG split twice/week for 1-12 weeks (or, should it only be 10 weeks conservatively??)
-Anavar 50MG/Day, split twice/day for weeks 1-6 (Or, should I run lower dose to start 1st cycle to get a feel and stay conservative)

What PCT or additions (if any at these doses) should be added/on standby to this, and how/when etc.??

Wife: (5’ 3”, 154, 23+% BF) -Currently on ECA stack with minimal results.
Possible Cycle:
-Anavar 10MG/Day for weeks 1-3 (Para only has lowest dose of 10mg capsule, so how do you split twice/day??).
20MG/Day for weeks 4-6 split twice/day.

Should wife add Clen with this, and if so, what dosing when, how, etc., without too much agitation??

I have been researching and have been on fence based off of different sites, along with here, but I respect what I have read here more than the ones that Google commonly pulls up.


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Welcome aboard brotha. You laid out a perfect cycle for both you and your wife. Only thing I would change is taking out the anavar for you. Your first run with AAS you should run test only. Now on your next cycle you could bring in the anavar. This way you learn how your body responds to each and every individual AAS. Also you will know what sides you get for each drug and not just guessing because you have multiple compounds I’m a stack that youve never ran before. As far as spliting a capsule you can just crack it open and split the powder. If your wife is already running an eca stack you shouldn’t need clen imo especially with anavar in the mix. Good choice with @paramexer, top notch sponsor here


For your first cycle I highly advocate a test only cycle like Raphael has said. Save the Anavar for your next cycle or maybe when you’ve gotten a few test only cycles under your belt. I would also have aromasin on hand just in case you’re estrogen prone.

As for your wife, I’ll let more qualified people speak on that. Welcome to the board, you’re among friends.

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Welcome. Everyone has said what I woulda said, but as far as splitting Anavar? I never have. I’ve always taken it at lunch time cuz my workout is in the afternoon. Most orals give me heartburn if I take them on an empty stomach, so why i take with meals. But that’s me. I’m sure others will talk benefits of splitting it up. But hell. To each their own. Also I find TestE gives me ZERO pip pain. But once again. That’s me. Good luck!!

Just curious what type of ephedrine do you use?

Welcome to ugmuscle brother

We only have Bronkaid and Primatene tabs here at our local pharmacies in FL., so the 25MG ephedrine sulfate is in bronkaid, and Primatene has 12.5/tab of ephedrine HCL.

Thanks for the warm welcomes!

I used Depo-Test years ago prescribed and injected by Dr. for a few months, but never the TestE.

So, take the full 10MG capsule with lunch, or stay on cautious side and split capsule initially, then titrate up to 20MG at week 4, skip Clen for her this go around, and maybe add next cycle with discontinuing ECA stack?? Var should be enough alone with ECA??

I am trying to gain minimally, yet stay lean, and get some vascularity back, so no adding Anavar this round and add in next round?? TestC or TestE preferences, besides what TBU stated??

10 or 12 week cycle?? And, is 200MG/week mild enough to not have to do PCT and just have Aromasin as a standby with no Nolva, or others??

Also, any recommendation on supplies (pins, alcohol swabs)??

I’m old school. I was taught 12 weeks until recently pushed it out to 15weeks. I’d say first cycle 12 weeks. I’d do 400mg a week split on a Monday/Thursday schedule. Remember. You won’t feel the test until week 3 or 4. Then it comes on like a freight train. Once again up to you on taking anavar. Def with food. And for me 3 hours before work our is my fave. Never done Clenbuterol so you’ll have to get input from someone else. I’m a weightlifter so being 15% BF I don’t care. Now I do care if I can pick up a Buick or not. :joy:

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I was going to say that the bronkaid is crap you should definitely go with the ephedrine hcl which is the primatine.
I also enjoy the 50mg/ml amps great for a pre workout

Welcome to the board.
Lots of great knowledgeable people on here.

Where do I get my hands on the 50MG amps??

Do you think her stopping the Bronkaid and mixing in some Clen with Var would be worth it, and if so, what dosing schedule with the Var?? Plus, is 6 weeks the staple for Var, or would stretching it to 8 weeks be safe enough??

I’ll have to switch to the Primatene for now.


Definitely stop the bronkaid and once she switches to the hcl you should see results.
Especially if you’re using the aspirin 81mg and 200mg caffeine with the dose.
Fasted cardio first thing in the morning works great with an eca stack and will show results quickly if your diet is on point.
The amps are available but you will have to research the sponsors to find it.

Your cycle I would run test e at 400mgs run it for 12wks. The anavar is really your choice but it does effect your ability to eat in some people which effects the amount of macros you can take in. I would also say to look into tbol as an oral and also proviron 50mg split ed. The proviron will be great especially for a test cycle. It will help with aromatase and give you more of an androgenic balance.
This really all depends on your goals and then set your diet to your goals. Your diet really is the most important part of a cycle.

When it comes to your wife she should create an account and talk with the ladies about running gear. We have some great female members at ugmuscle.

Pct and AI
You will need a proper pct and either aromasin or arimidex. I would research and use the normal procedure for pct clomiphene and nolvadex is recommended. You can use just one of the two but I would recommend having both on hand for your first cycle. Also use both the first time around but watch for side effects from both. See which one works better for you or it might be that both are the right fit for you.
Everyone is different so listen to your body and keep us updated.

If you’re interested in anything else just hit me up anytime

Good luck and good gains brother

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Welcome. This forum is all you’ll ever need. I can’t speak for cycles much just yet. Still a newbie in this game. Tons of members know what they are talking about here and are honest and keep each other safe. I will say this, simple does seem to be the best way to do this.

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with your wifes stats and bf that high she isn’t going to see what I am thinking she wants to see from an anavar cycle. because it is a compound created for muscle wasting disease she’s going to see added thickness literally everywhere … that includes her waist and thighs … all the places I am guess she wants to see shrink. Her weight will go UP not down.

Going up to 20mg for her first cycle is completely unnecessary she shouldn’t need a 20mg dose until she notices that she’s not seeing ANY results from 10mg … and when I say ANY results I am absolutely not implying fat loss but am referring to over all strength gains and muscle tone.

losing fat is about dialing in diet and making hard choices … it isn’t about starving your self and cutting out all carbs. I have seen many instances over the years where fat loss is induced through compounds the person is unable to keep the weight off once they are off the compound.


I was off on her BF, as that was 7-8 weeks ago, before she changes her macro percentages and upped her cardio a bit each week. She is currently around 19%, but does have more than average this time around through midsection/waist. Her diet is on poi t fairly well, other than occasionally not hitting her macro goals for the day. She’s a strong lifter and has been for years.

Would a cycle of Anavar 10MG split twice a day for 6-8 weeks mixed with a taper of Clen yield any positive results for her?? (Clen starting at 20mcg 2-3 weeks, then 40mcg 2-3 weeks, 60mcg etc…)


So, Proviron 25MG twice/day will aid the same way as taking Aromasin (if needed), and possibly have the same drying/hardening/slight strength effects as Var??

Would you say that adding 25MG of Proviron twice/day for the first 6-8 weeks of 12 week cycle, along with TestE 200MG twice/week, would be as good, if not better than taking the Var with TestE??

Will have Clomid, Nolva, and Aromasin on hand, but was planning on hopefully just doing PCT with 40MG/Nolva weeks 15/16, and 20MG weeks 17/18.

25 gauge 1” needles good?? Any particular brand folks prefer based on needle preference?? 3ml seems to be most common for 25 gauge sized needle.


Proviron doesn’t aid in the same way as aromasin or mimic anavar all different compounds and do different things.

If you’re lean 1" 25g is fine I choose BD and excel products. If you don’t have alot of muscle mass 1.5" 25g is the better choice. If your stats are legit 1" will work.

3ml barrels are good your going to need pins to pull from the vial and then to change out to then inj plus alcohol pads.

Copy all! Stats are legit, so 25g with 1" it is.

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