Newbie to the site glad to be here

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Hey everybody been using this site for research for awhile. You guys have really helped me build great cycles before. I’ve been moving around a lot lately for work and pretty much lost most of my gains. Im back in the gym again finally and started to peak out. So about to build another cycle. Mainly I’ve done deca test dbol cycles. Thinking of building a tren ace cycle with a small amount of deca for joint health. I have my thoughts wrote down at the house I’ll get it to y’all and you can critique me. But since I’m at work what’s y’alls best tren cycles for lean mass building?


No experience with tren here but welcome.

Welcome to the board. The classic lean mass cycle is prop/tren ace/ masteron prop but depending on your cycle history, strength routine, BF and a few other factors its no always the best option.



The absolute best tren cycle to build lean quality mass with little or no fat gain is a perfect calorie balanced diet based on your total daily energy expenditure. :wink:

I have learned through trial and error to put the majority of my cycle planning into the calories I can consume & will utilize in a day. This cycle is virtually impossible to put into practice properly unless you are committed to meal planning and meal prepping.


I’ve been meal planning for about 4 months. Find it easier to do for work. Plus saves money. Some days its hard to do but most days I stay true.

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I will have to look into masteron prop and do some research thanks for the advice

I personally find that 250-400cals over TDEE to work best for me. It takes some precise calculations and minor adjustments throughout the cycle but if you are committed to the diet plan the compounds will pay you back in spades no matter what they are.

Tren isn’t my first choice for a clean bulk. I would prefer to use NPP/TestP. Whatever you decide I wish you the very best results.

Appreciate the advice I also researched that on tren ace low carbs are better for the sides and getting proper results and for tren e and normal carb intake is ok. Have you experience any of this before?

I am not a good person to ask about tren or carbs because…

From a personal standpoint there are better choices for any reason than tren and I am a keto freak. I am very biased concerning diet strategies and my confidence in my belief can come off as arrogance. TrenA or E makes me feel like dog shit and there are as effective compounds that I can use without the downsides. There is no doubt it provides good results and it is great as a nutrient partitioner. I am just not willing to deal with the sides.

All I can suggest is make your diet top priority. Focus on whole foods and avoid processed foods. Kick added sugar and high-fructose corn syrup to the curb.

If the method is sound combined with time and consistency the results will follow.


Well either way I’m glad for your advice I’ve never personally ran all I’ve done is the typical mass stack. So it will be a new experience to me heard the sides are harsh if your diet isn’t good so that’s why I was wondering. Guess the only true way to know is just by experimentation.

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You know what @SemperFi one of these days I’m going to have to hit you up and give keto a go. I think I’d do really well on it but I just love carbs so damn much. I know for a fact tho they are what causes my digestion issues. I think if I went keto those would go away. I just LOVE them so much haha.

Do you do a keto style with the refeed days like Palumbo or straight up no carbs ever? Fibrous veggies allowed? How have you done bulking on keto? And by build I mean that in a muscle building phase. I don’t mean it has to be a major bulk. More so I mean a lean one anyway.

I would need to do some researching and find good meals to make that would make me want to give it a go.

Prolly should have made this a separate post. Lol

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Haha I don’t mind wouldn’t mind knowing myself.

@Fitraver @woodwalker1889 God willing I might be able to provide a thread in the future that helps explain in laymen terms the science behind the ketogenic diet. I just do not want to derail anyone from what the are doing or persuade them to go against what is working for them. There are many misconception about the ketogenic lifestyle- it’s not healthy, you can’t gain muscle mass, it will make you fat, it raises your cholesterol, your body needs carbs, etc. I could bring arguments and proof against all of these misconceptions but the reality I think it would not be constructive to convince someone concerning something that they haven’t truly researched or believe in.

If you are truly interested in understanding a ketogenic diet I recommend grabbing a copy of The Ketogenic Bible. Read anything you can find from IFBB Pro Ben “Pak-Man” Pakulski, Dominic D’Agostino, and Kristi Storoshuk. If you can stand him read what Dave Palumbo has to say about the ketogenic diet. Dave’s explanation of a ketogenic diet is misinformed because he advocates zero carbs but the science and personal evidence does not support his theory. I can’t advocate refeed day(s) like Dave or Dr Mauro Di Pasquale suggest because of the additional stress placed on the body but I cannot say definitively that I am against them either. :wink:

@Fitraver fibrous veggies are a keto junkies friend. We count net carbs to stay in ketosis and fiber reduces our carb count. Most diet profiles limit you to 30g net carbs per day but the reality everyone is different and it is also based on your activity level. I can go as high as 75g on some training schedules and still maintain ketosis based on a 24 hour period.

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Dude… you had me at Ben Pak. I have watched a shit ton of that guys training videos. You mean to tell me that Monster uses keto? I had no clue. Man if he had better genetics I think he would have done so well.

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@woodwalker1889 Personal experimentation- I can 100% relate to this and I completely understand the draw to tren. It appears you are taking a realist approach to the idea of using it and I wish the best. Since this is your first attempt in its use I would stick to TrenA. The shorter ester will allow you to bail on the compound if it does not suit your goals or tolerances much faster than the longer E ester.

That’s the plan. I don’t plan to start till this 105 heat wave is out of here, which isn’t for another month or more. So I’ll be really trying to refine my diet and research more. Ultimately though experiences differ so much from person to person only running it will tell me what effect I will see and feel.

Semperfi when you first stared keto did you have to use a nutritionist to tell you when you’re in ketosis or is there something that accurate enough to monitor yourself? I’ve heard about the pee sticks but didn’t know if that’s a true representation.

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Pee strips are inexpensive and a good starting point but they are not accurate in measuring the level of ketone production. I eventually started using a blood glucose meter with ketone strips. Now I do not use anything because of experience. I wouldn’t spend too much energy in trying to determine your personal level of ketone production. Any amount is a state of ketosis. I would spend my energy limiting and accurately counting my daily carb intake. A strict application of 30g net carbs per day is a good starting point for the first 14-30 days.

@woodwalker1889 don’t let the idea of a ketogenic diet derail your from your plan. Only pursue it if it makes sense to you and you are serious about experimenting with it.


Thanks for all this keto info, I am relaying any and all I do into my woman and she has been researching it to, it seems it might help her a lot!

@john if your gal pal needs any help or has any questions do not hesitate to relay them to me and I will be happy to answer them the best I can or at least direct her in the right direction. Resources are almost unlimited and you have to sift through a lot of crap to find what is actually effective. The Ketogenic Bible will set her on solid ground on its own.

FYI- My wife lives the ketogenic lifestyle since May 2016. She dropped 60lbs and is a buck 20 and a fit philly. Doesn’t hurt she has an in house personal trainer at no cost. :wink:

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