Next bulk help- GH or Mk677?

Happy Monday guys.

So planning out my next bulk, would probably start in September. Compounds I’ve decided on is 500mg Test cyp and 300 mg deca per week. Not looking to over do anything. Just the good ole fashioned stuff for 20 weeks. I wanted to look into adding GH, but more and more people are talking about mk677 and having good results and it being more cost effective as well as staying in your bloodstream longer. Anyone have experience with both and have a preference? Also if you have any input for the cycle I’m all ears. Cal surplus won’t be anything too extreme, trying to get quality over sheer quantity and limit excess fat gain


I don’t know about MK677 really ive never tried it but I have run hgh and with hgh I believe that you will need to run much longer than the MK677.

I believe that the test and decca are definitely going to get you big its an amazing cycle just gotta watch estrogen I would recommend proviron or drostanolone definitely included it will really help with aromatase which there will be plenty of brother.

I would get some caber because it’s decca can’t really just drop it but I believe that P5P will help soon to be available from ugm supps .
I would also use adex or aromasin possibly exemestane for the e2 control.

I definitely wouldn’t start pct for about 6wks after decca and running 20wks you would probably be best cutting out the decca a couple of weeks before the end possibly tapering your testosterone down. Decca just lasts so long its crazy especially after 20wks I swore I was still making gains from decca 8wks out after last injection it was crazy and added alot of mass I finished the bulk above 260lb :crazy_face: you can really pack it on especially when running that long brother.

Blood work is so important for long cycles especially. I found that the tests for just p2 and e2 are cheaper and its really all you need to monitor towards the end after full panel blood work at 6 and then p2 and e2 can be monitored as needed and not break the bank but still run safely.

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Adding in masteron I have no problem with. Currently running it and loving it. Currently using prop ester so would probably consider enanthate that way I can just inject 2x per week.

So… P5P for prolactin. Currently on 200mg tren ace and I take 100mg P5P in morning and 100mg at night. Has been keeping it in check so I’m really hoping it’ll suffice for deca.

But I am REALLY looking forward to putting on some size.

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Possibly it seems that it works its definitely going to be in the starting lineup of ugm supps so I believe that it helps from every experience I hear and even some very interesting blood work from @NeuroRN it looks legitimate but is still a dietary supplement so it isn’t proven so I would definitely be prepared with caber especially since its decca.


I believe that drostanolone enanthate would be perfect especially because it will fit in with the other long esters.

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Yeah I have some on hand. I’ll keep you in the loop but looks promising. I think it’s dose depending too. If your dose of a 19-nor is too high P5P can only do so much. Lower doses look easier to control with P5P

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This could be true or honestly it might work I will get blood work done some time in the future and post once I start using it myself in a cycle to see what happens I also look forward to hearing your experience.
Especially any blood work including p2 and B vitamin levels.

2 definite products will be P5P and Glutathione


So looking forward to the UGM supplement lineup!

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Me to brother its taken alot longer than I thought that it would to get started but man the supplement industry is sketchy as hell it took me over a year to find a bulk supplier with 3rd party testing and actual pure supplements raw material.
Most wont even answer back your emails once you bring up quality and testing its crazy.
I look forward to providing only the best dietary supplements you can get.


Thank you for your efforts, big guy. The trust we will all have in what you make available will be at the very highest level. It will be a single-source provider for me.


I appreciate your confidence in the product. I will be putting my word on it that it will only be the best. It might not be the best but it will be number 1 next to the other number 1’s.

Im hoping that I can be able to make an inj versions but it might not be possible still trying to navigate if I can do it without issues.


I saw in a documentary on the supplement industry on how lax everything was for dietary supplements. Crazy how little accountability is actually needed and what some people can get away with


You can run them both if you want something like 2iu hgh upon waking, and 25mg mk677 before bed. I think that would be effective. Watch blood sugars though, defintely need a glucose monitor if you run any hgh, or peptides, as they increase blood glucose over time.


If you struggle with food intake do mk677 and you will bulk yo easily may not be best weight thiiugh

Trying to remember, did you run mk677 for a bit? Thought you did

That’s not a bad idea. Why pick one when you can have both haha

Almost a year straight def get hunger for the the first couple weeks and some water retrention

Yeah with it being a bulking cycle I’m good with that. Would you see yourself running it again? Or just the real HGH now?

Yeah it’s shady out there

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My post ended up in the wrong thread lol

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