Next cycle coming up thoughts on NPP

My next cycle is coming up I have some products I’ll be trying I got a while back. I was thinking of kicking off with NPP and either sust or E and stacking proviron, anavar, and tbol with it. I have caber as well I was going to dose at .2mg a week and adex at 1mg/twice a week. Will NPP have to be split M/W/F or can I get away with e3d? Has anyone here ever ran sust and NPP together? Does the injection site get painful due to the two P esters?


Sounds like a great cycle coming up brother.

When I run this cycle this is how I do it

Wk1-16 testosterone enanthate 500mg-600mg depending upon the dose per ml/mg split 3x a wk mwf
Wk1-6 tbol 50mg split 25mg 2x a day 50 days is good
Wk 1-12 npp 300mg-450mg depending upon the quality of the npp split 3x per wk mwf
Wk1- until you run out proviron 25mg 2x a day run as long as possible.
Wk 11-18 Anavar 50mg ed split 25mg 2x a day right up until you start pct

I wouldn’t take caber unless necessary the adex at 1 ml 2x a wk should keep estrogen down and you shouldn’t have issues except be careful at the end with the estrogen rebound from the adex discontinuation. The nolvadex will be important during pct.

I personally do not like sust at all unless running a sust/decca/dbol dirty bulk for me that’s its only place maybe trt also

Any questions just let me know I wish you the best brother good luck and good gains


Thanks a lot buddy

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You should keep a log im interested in following.
How are you thinking about running it how do you think your going to put it together?

I think I’m going to pretty much be spot on with you minus the orals. I’m still undecided if I want to kick off with anadrol and proviron and end with tbol and anavar or if I want to just run tbol and anavar the whole way with prov of course.

I would always take a @Bigmurph cycle plan and run with it.

I personally pinned npp eod. Then just sucked it up and went ED. I love npp and I love TBOL. I saw quite a bit of gains off them both earlier this year.

Make sure you have some sort of prolactin control on hand.

Sounds like a great cycle coming up.

I’ve used sust for a cruise for a time, but never for a cycle. I think all those ester lengths will diminish the dryness of the NPP. but I understand using what you have.

I wouldn’t run tbol and var at the same time. Unless you plan on running very low dose of both. That a lot of oral compounds at once.

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Well I have plenty of E I only said sust because I thought the two short acting esters may work wonders with each other AND I have op 400 sust so i would hit .6 EOD with the npp and would have less volume then pinning with E. Was just a thought. Definitely will have caber on hand thanks to our sponsor @Ashop. It will be on the way soon.

I was thinking that as well. May be too hard running them both. End with it like bigmurph said. I actually stacked 25mg var and 50 win to end my last cycle and it was great

This is the better way

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It gets annoying on a longer run, but I always feel better doing it this way.

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I haven’t tried it yet but next cycle I will pin ed and possibly really commit and use test prop.
I don’t believe that im going to be using nandrolone moving forward :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Just testosterone and proviron with another oral tbol or Anavar or I might add in mast and skip proviron.

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Whaaaaaaaaaat. No more nandrolone?! Like ever?!

I would definitely for the sake of your kidneys and liver not use var and tbol together.
Your lipids must have been crazy with var and winny? :crazy_face:

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On paper the synergy Btwn Var and winny sounds amazing. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

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Not forever but I believe that testosterone is going to be it for awhile and I will use proviron.
The oral isn’t even for sure honestly

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Nandrolone and winny that’s the way to go especially base or pp

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That a solid longevity move right there. Props to you sir.

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It was great, I’ll put it like this… I maintained every bit of strength I gained when I ended with var and win, and that’s from when I dropped from 750 test/600mast/400 tren E to 400 test and just win and var. lost no size or strength. Even when I came off I still maintained my strength and lost only a half inch on my arms.

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But I will never run tren again, I love my wife too much for the potential side effects that come with that.

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