Next Cycle, looking forward to your 2 cents

Alright!, this is what I’m thinking about for my next cycle. What y’all think ?

Current body stats are :
230 lbs
17-19 % body fat.

I plan to keep my diet real clean and workout 5-6 days a week.

Looking to get down on the body fat, while building some muscle.

As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures, I will upload my cool ass (hand made) chart, that explains my cycle.

Administration may need to help you with the posting of pictures. Some members need so many posts or length of time before they are able to. But in reply box bottom right corner second button in. With the arrow pointing up. Is how you upload them.


yea I figured, I did find that button but kept getting an error message saying I couldn’t upload pictures. I was hoping that it was an issue due to me being on mobile, but now it makes sense as to why I can’t.
Thanks tho !

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I think it’s a time in grade thing. You need to be on a bit before you get to load pictures. @Bigmurph can probably touch on it better than I did.


Thanks man,
Sounds good, I’ve been on the site a bit just reading everyone’s logs and gathering more knowledge. I’ll be more active if that’s what it takes.

Well you are marked basic. So I think you should be able to post. Maybe clear your history and try it.

I believe that you should be able to post your picture and if not tag me in again @Bigmurph

Alright! Thanks @Bigmurph
16 week cycle, still Tweaking It every day until I order it this weekend.

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The EQ part, I might split it with 6 weeks of Deca and 6 weeks of EQ.

How much experience do you have?

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I’ve had a couple Of stints, first being after high school , I dabbled in test alone, and then test and Deca for a while. After that I life came at me pretty fast and I started making poor choices in my eating and in my lifestyle so I went from weighing 200 to 280 over the next 8 years. Long story short, I decided to make a change in my life for personal reasons and I went on a mission and dropped from 280 to 190 ( the process took me slightly over a year of dieting and working out) The lightest I’ve been since I was 14 lol. Anyway, after I dropped to 190 I became obsessed with the gym (Again)and decided to start my second stint. After a couple of more cycles with test I replaced Deca with tren (Deca didn’t sit well with me this time around) while Tren ( even tho being my first time on it) thrived in my body ! Lol I fell in love with the gains and my body some how didn’t really have problems with it. It did give me night sweats and sleepless nights every now and then but that wasn’t a problem for me. That brings me to today, after all of that hard work and time, I suffered an accident on a warm up 225 incline bench. The bar slipped off the suicide grip while i was at the top and came straight down onto my upper chest and fucked me up. It’s been around 6 months and I’m starting to finally be able to move some weight without discomfort, I did gain about 30 pounds in that down time because I have been “bulking” (stuffing my face with pizza) lol. So I’m finally ready and anxious to start back up and get those nasty pumps.

I look forward to hearing about it I would honestly simplify your cycle a bit. Run short esters together to cut after bulking on the long esters. It will be easier on your body and you should look into proviron I believe that it could be better for you than some of the other orals your looking to run.


There’s a lot going on there man, I would definitely simplify it. Honestly I would separate that into two cycles, test, dbol, eq makes a good bulk, and tren, test, mast, & var all make excellent cutting cycle compounds.


For sure, I appreciate the advices !
I guess I was just overly hyped to get back to it and try all of these new compounds (I know trying a few compounds at a time is best to know how u react) but I might just simplify it.


Dam I could make 2 cycles out of all that, but uh I see that’s already been brought up… if you try a lot of new shit at same time your never gonna know all the positives and negative, becAuse you can’t pinpoint it accurately


And like @Bigmurph said proviron, best thing since sliced bread


I appreciate the tips,
I’m gonna spend some time today looking up more info on proviron.


Not to beat a dead horse… OK. There seems like 2 cycles going on here. Like @John said. There’s enough to do two different directions here. I’m a crayon eater so simple and no more than 3 compounds one being an oral is for me. Ive always relied on less is more. Cycle is there to push I’ve a plateau. Or that jump in mass in 20 pounds if that’s a goal. Good luck. And proviron not a huge muscle gain compound BUT helps other compounds. And for me gives me a little sense of well being. Focus as you will.


Using one new compound at a time is best practice.

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