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Hey guys,
I cycle (non b&c’er here :wave:) my steroid use and it’s been a little over 1 week since my last injection (now waiting for the ester to clear to start my PCT).

I’m posting this thread on ugm only to get more people here in this community involved(?) haha

Unfortunately due to some personal things and issues with customs, I’ve come off all gear (still ran a 14 week cycle) and i’m already planning out my next cycle (of course).

As always, here are my stats

25 y.o
9 years training

Here’s my proposed cycle.

1-16 weeks

1-8 or 8-16 500mg Mast Prop
1-16 375mg Test
1-15 600mg EQ

I’ve never run EQ/boldenone but i’ve run mast prop in the past.

I was given a couple of vials of masteron prop from a source to use for my next cycle.
I was wondering if I should use masteron at the end of my 16 week cycle or use it at the beginning.

I love looking freaky and vascular so i’ve decided to give EQ a shot.
I never do a full blown bulk and for this cycle my goal is to continually add quality muscle mass without putting on body fat.

Let me know what you guys think of the cycle and if you guys have any suggestions and/or advice, i’d love to hear what you guys have to say.

Im planning to start this in September if my blood word comes back healthy.

What did you just finish running?
Have you researched eq heavy?
My first suggestion would be run bold cyp not eq.

This is what I love let me get those answers. I want to discuss this with you for sure. The only thing I like more than running a cycle is planning one lol

Thanks for the reply!
Nothing better than planning the next cycle :stuck_out_tongue:

I just finished a test + primo cycle. (375mg test + 600mg test Weekly dosage)
Didn’t get to run the primo as long as i would’ve liked to… but made some decent gains.

I’ve been doing more and more research on EQ!
I wanted to run bold cyp because of the faster ester but i usually blast 16-20 weeks so i figured EQ wouldn’t be so bad even though the ester is a bit longer.

Would love to hear why you suggest bold cyp over eq!

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It doesnt count as a cycle without Tren…

@PHD can give some input here

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Hahahaha love tren!

@Kunt looks ok. I’d bridge your test though start low and increasing throughout cycle then come back down. Don’t forget to use an anti estrogen blocker.

Cycle makes sense I would go for bold cyp because eq is a waste of the first 6wks of the cycle. If you’re going to be shut down you should be getting gains just my opinion. I love that you run low dose test.
With your goals and experience i would seriously look into 1testcyp its another dhb just like eq or bold cyp and it has a cyp ester which im fond of. You get large lean mass gains from it. You could run it for 12wk around 400-500 depending on how you will use it.
Another option i see is instead of using eq for the long cycle run mast e works different then mast prop but in the end gets the same type of gains you could make a long run with that and test.
Many different options.

What type of ai do you use also have you ever used Proviron especially with low dose test it will free up all that test for you and leaves alot less to allow to aromatase on you.

Hit me back i love discusing topics like this. I would really like to get deep into your cycle then diet and have you come out theother side with 15lbs of lean mass

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Thanks for the input guys!

I’ll be doing more research on 1testcyp… haven’t seen too many sources with 1-test.

That’s true, eq does take quite a while to build up…
I’ve heard that the shorter the ester is for boldenone the more pip you get from it.
I think for now, the choice of compound for my next cycle will be Bold Cyp or EQ.
Now i’m leaning more toward bold cyp :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll save the 1-test for the following cycle after i do more research on it.

I haven’t run an oral in over a year!
I use 12.5mg aromasin e3d which keeps my e2 in range.

So many different compounds, so many different ways to mix them :smiley: so much fun haha

I prefer running longer cycles but my only experience with masteron is with the prop ester. I’d love to give the longer ester a try (although i dont think esters make THAT big of a difference)

EQ or Bold Cyp or Mast or 1-testcyp

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Its true bold cyp definitely has more pip and bold ace if you can handle it your definitely a stronger man than me.

I really believe that a ester doesn’t change the compound but I believe that it definitely changes the way it works.

Examples would be decca and npp.
Decca a ton of water and bloat great long term gains as soon as you shrink the bloat coat off lol
Npp alot less water same gains you can even cut with it.

Primo enanthate long term lean mass really long term and high amounts.
Primo ace much faster lean mass gains and lower but not much lower of a dose.

Primo might not be the best example because one is inj one is oral

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I’ve heard horrible things about bold ace :stuck_out_tongue: so i might stay away from that… haha
Well, now i’m thinking of buying some raws and brewing my own bold cyp for my next cycle.

I’d love to try NPP but the whole ‘deca dick’ kinda scares me away from the compound.

Thanks for the examples haha interesting read!

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There is a solid verified src here @AlexYang you should speak with him he is a good guy

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@Kunt with NPP younwont get deca dick. Not everyone gets that using deca. I’ve never had a problem I just don’t like the water retention. Think of NPP as all the positive of deca minus all the negatives.

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