Night hunger on odd work schedule

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I’ve been doing a cut now for a month now and been getting great results. The only problem I have is I hit my calorie mark during the day quit eating and end up getting called out for work middle of the night and I’m so hungry the temptation is hard. For those who work screwed up schedules how do you manage macros and calorie intake while keeping hunger down? May be silly question but it’s hard to ignore and happens very often in my line of work.

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Low calories gelatine and a lot of water also some vegi :muscle:


That’s the tough part about a cut,.it’s what seperates the men from the boys. Don’t wanna come off as a dick but if your serious about your cut them just suck it up and drive on. Another thing is up your water intake also spread your meals out so if you do get called out for work you can take a meal down if you don’t get called out then just up your cal intake a lil more on your other meals

Naw I know it. Cutting is tough bulk is definitely the easy way. I really only notice it when I’m working. Coffee isn’t doing crap anymore it’s like my body is just use to the caffeine. I just ate and I was like a wild dog. I added a lot of spinach in this morning hoping to fill me up without high increase in calories. I do have to agree the water intake may be low. Every morning I’m dehydrated so I’ll have to figure out how to get even more in. I figured it’s just tough it up which is what I’m doing just dying when working random late hours. Only have 5 weeks left so just gotta keep my goals in my mind.

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Low cal jello is a great idea I’ll have to add that. Been bringing in more spinach may just have to bring a bag with me at night to fill up on like a rabbit.


Do you pre prep all your meals?
If you do I can see how it can be hard especially if you are timing all of them but just add an extra bag or container in the fridge to bring along if you need to have something lol this is why I can’t run a big deficit to cut on because I like to eat lol

Yeah all prepped and timed. I’m thinking if I can cut a few more calls not much it will allow for a protein shake to push me to the morning. Sounds dumb but maybe a little more deficit will allow for room.

Where are your macros at right now? What’s your meal timing or schedule?

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Macros are
net carbs 149 g
Fats 93 g
Protein 239 g
Calories 2390
I’ll give more info after work not the best on diets.


That’s perfect I was really curious about how much of a deficit you were actually running I was worried you were going to say that you were running like 1200 cals lol

That’s good macros for a good cut you just have to break it down into another meal or hunger through but hunger pains while working are shitty

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Yeah, my plan is to cut down another 100 during the day and just eat a late meal to stay within range. That might be the solution to carry me through the night. I usually have three meals with rice. So if I trade 1 meal with rice with another green such as broccoli should have a late night snack available if need be. But could just make me more hungry lol.

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Its true I know that feeling when you are hungry and you eat but its not even a dent lol it feels like a waste of time lol

For sure but just gotta keep that goal in mind

So got called out last night at midnight and worked till the sun came up. I actually worked late that evening as well so I was in a 300 cal deficit. So with that being said I was able to eat a protein bar and got a large coffee to help subdue the hunger and it seemed to work. So seems adding a little wiggle room may be the best idea for now.

Im glad to hear that it worked out. Replacing foods with liquid is a good way to fill up and keep macros down. Black coffee or water is the best but I have heard recently about people drinking bone broth hot as a way to add protein and stay full.
I have never tried it but I thought I would mention it

May have to look into that could be a viable option. May adjust my macros a little to and increase protein a little more.

Let me know how you like it I just heard about it a little while back when everyone was getting into the keto diet and the bone broth I guess works well for that diet. I figured though it should work in your situation also I believe.

Well I was actually on keto really hard before this cycle, but wanted to really give my muscles as much as I could for them to grow that’s why I brought in carbs. Never did the bone broth but could see how it would work for that type of diet. 8 grams of protein per cup with only 35 grams of calories. It maybe an awesome option that’s fast and easy. I also read it has a lot of liver detoxing benefits

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That’s interesting I didn’t know anything about the detoxifying effects. I hope to hear that it helps you get through the hunger.

That’s what the small section on google said.

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