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I wanted to post a couple pics from last show and some before I start 2018 north Americans… masters. Actually , I’ve done a lot but luckily never turned pro. I was a real good teen and junior then made a good comeback. I say lucky, not being cocky but I was on the road and would of been a third tier guy. I ended up with a decent career and I am a bbing historian, had the pleasure of hanging out with some guys and had a small taste of the late 80s, 90s. Lifestyle. I could go on and on. I had a couple Lonnie tepper small articles and all before internet. Just look at a Nationals lineup back in 93 or any a decade after or before. The top 6 minimum all turn pro in heavyweight, light heavy, some middles too. Then there were the Edgar Fletcher’s, Rory leidermeir who never turned pro. Now you get a card at the Juniors and like top two in each class at Nationals. The USA was one card for overall. I see a lot of “pros” now. I think it’s lost it’s luster. Look at how long it took Bob chicerillo to get his. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to pay the fee of 500? For one, if I win and I still am dam fierce competitor. I would answer any questions to best of my ability. Now for my dumb questions, how do I get into a SRC site or get a list. How do I post pics? I really only would say or do anything on promuscle and last 3 years eroids. I was always pretty lucky to have local people but I found some great things too, online. Knock on wood never been scammed outright. I feel pics show you practice what you preach, but there are many pieces to puzzle. When I ruptured my patellar tendon and gave up training for awhile, I didn’t look the part but I knew good advice, so I don’t judge that way. Like, I could list guys I beat and get a couple oh really?, But, they we’re starting or ending or just behind me at the point in time. I just would like to post a pic or do a vlog for 2018, just don’t know how. Any instructions?

For photos bro I can show you on mobile. There’s a upload button on the lower right. Click that at the place in your post you want the photo.

On desktop you can just drag and drop.

Check any of the verified sources here. They all have good reviews and stay active in touch with us. @Ukgear and @FTS are site supporters as well and good people to work with. When I get to the computer I’ll see if I can link their threads here.

Thanks. I believe in supporting good places and like wine,I guess, I like tasting different brands…

If you ever have any questions or need anything you can hit me up anytime brother. Im here to help. Anyone, I like the title because I believe the same thing the only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked. Show me a man who has never asked a question I will show you the stupidest person on earth.

good title i agree ,
i just commented , on another thread. , to please ask questions to be safe and healthy…i assure you , there will never be bashing. here. . i promise. , and if bashed its a immediate ban for the basher. that i promise. it will not be tolorated here. …
so gentelmen and ladies please ask away.


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Nice brother
How are you
I will hit you up after work

Rich had money, outside what I call this subculture, bbing. To me, there’s something that keeps us doing the things we do. Like the “starving artist” they keep pursuing a passion. I’ll maybe go away briefly but I always have looked at physiques as art. What most people say yuck, I say cool. I really think we have to have lots of education and guidance. When I was younger , I remember seeing Munzers cycle, I wasn’t thinking as I do now, I wanted to know how to get cytadren! So, I have respect for honesty but there has to be total honesty. How did I do this? Well , I took 100 mgs of anadrol til 3 days out, drank 2 gallons of water, and let the dyazide pull the extra water off, etc, etc( just a total made up example) but I also say I was lethargic, ripped but had some trouble breathing, had bruising I couldn’t explain( again totally made up) point we still aren’t giving whole story. It’s each person’s journey but it up to them to weigh risks vs benefits. I really like 150 mg winny inject from 8 to 10 days out( true) but I get totally anorectic, I can’t eat at all. Not good when I’m dieting anyway, why do I still always try? Because I looked my best when I did hthis and a couple other things. I was also 29…LOL. my point is asking questions and keeping an open mind. I had to learn this , I only listened to guys bigger than me. Now, even Dylan Gymelli has some pearls😉. Rich pianas persona wasn’t a malicious mean person. I liked some content. I laughed, the vacuums before bed with high blood pressure, I thought he was gonna faint right there. I admit I m a big believer in posing all the time, try it! So, of course I tried the feeder and the vacuums. Thanks, Rich for some laughs and fostering discussion

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good honest post ,
my opion on all this. ok. , ill use myself as a example. unfortantly. i did a ton of time. and i got into weight training. , , (20+years) all natty. i got strong and big. AND ON PRISON FOOD. ,
long story short i got out seen a ex inmate (not a con ) theres a diifernce. and he offered me juice .i ran , my first cycle anadrol. ONLY. , .got big lost it and didnt know why. .,. then it was dbol. i got big lost it. and. didnt onow why.
the kicker was , here. run deca. , test , anadrol. and youll get real nice. …WELL I GOT REAL.FUCKED. !!! MAJORLY. then i found eroids. and the den i think and i posted. and i GOT TORE THE FUCK UP AND DISRESPECTED. for gods sake i knew nothing about sites …and running propper.
e tore me up the den tore me up. and i fucked up more. !! to the point of no sex drive. , no desire. , couldnt fet hard if i wanted to. …
i crawled into mg. and. was given guidence. and help. and i educated myself. and. MADE A VOW TO HELP ALL … , but more is not better. , less gear. , more diet , and more training. and. ASK QUESTIONS.
PROS GOT COACHES AND DRS AND ARE MONITORED. , amatures are also monitored by coaches. …IM A NOVOICE I LOVE THE STEEL , I LOVE AAS. , but i live with in my means.

its sad the deaths lately. smfh… uncalled for. we are all in this for our reasons our goals. everyone dont need to be a rich. be who you are !!! love who you are. !!! you all have ppl that love and depend on you. !!! so please be responsable.

and for the record. mg was my home for almost 4 years. …but. alot changed. , alot of pilitics invilved. and also. as much as a few are not man enough to admit. …i contributed 80% to putting mg. where they are. …i left because i had 0 back. , i left because certaine ppl. think there abouve others (sad thing they dont see it

sorry i have more to add but the boss calling (wife) so ill be back

So true…and the boss part.
I was informed the guru thing started as guys with the best connections at the time. Then guys like Milo’s Sarcev had put on like 40 pounds with some esoteric ideas. Duchaine hated and didn’t work with male pros after awhile. You can get palumbo for different amount of time and by text, email for different prices. I was so shocked when I first heard of getting dried out and then making heavy at 225 and doing .45 dextrose with 20 milliequivalents of potassium and doing these ivs, insulin and stepping onstage at prejudging maybe 232 harder. Why did that startle me when I would do femara, plainly a addition to cancer therapy. I agree 100% training , diet, genetics 95 % ,but when 2 guys are up there battling the one that pushes envelope might / will win. I take orders from Physicians all the time. They would faint if I mentioned that stuff. So many lifters use a little science and some are good speakers or writers, so it sounds good. I really think AAs can be studied and figured out. One of the biggest scares for me was the ones that cause increase in size and amount or RBC but it’s out there what that does and how to be safer. The ancillary stuff that keeps coming out. More scary to me.

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everyone must find there sweet spot with ai’s. …for ma. i can run tren a , and prop , and mast p. (the mast p is a first) but i do not take a ai…also the mast and prov help with. , estro sides. …
this is not cookie cutter shit here. , i know me. i know what i neex. and how to handle.

blood work i cannot stress enough. , IT TELLS 100% WHERE your at. …

iHave alot more to share but im falling asleep on my phone. later. __%

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