No more pm and what to do with no pm

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Just to say so that everyone knows you should talk to your sponsor and work with them offsite a PM is not an option to talk with a sponsor

Create a new topic in that sponsors category and explain what’s going on and also tag in the sponsor or rep to get help. Don’t post anything that you shouldn’t were uncensored but your safety and security should be a top priority. If it gets to the point where something isn’t right then tag me in @Bigmurph to the thread. Remember though this isn’t Amazon and ugmuscle is not a market place like amazon. Were a bodybuilding lifestyle, health, and fitness community.
Were here to discuss and help each other no other reason.
If there’s a problem with a sponsor they will be removed from ugmuscle because we hold our sponsors to the highest standards and we don’t have drama or problems here and we wont as long as im a moderator. We have alot of new members recently that we welcome but I won’t allow what happened at other forums to happen here. We do things very differently than the other forums that were filled with some really bad people that did really bad things and I don’t welcome them here and we welcome everybody except those looking to cause problems.
I will change the status of a sponsor to yellow than after that if the situation isn’t resolved then its red and then as far as DNO. This is how we handle any issues the color will be on a sponsors avatar to let you know there status.


This is a good example of a post that will not be allowed at ugmuscle.

Were not here to help you find something were here to discuss different ways of doing things related to bodybuilding fitness and health.


Good Info. Keeps us all safe


Im trying my best but it gets harder every day SMH


With newer people it always becomes harder, but at the same time in order to grow gotta go through these things. Your doing great things brother!

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Its true there are always some growing pains especially when there is a rapid growth. Im really happy that we continue to grow I just no matter how big we get won’t allow buffoonery to take place.

I would love another 10,000 of you lol

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This post only hsd 51 views and everyone should read this information.

Any communication between a site sponsor or source is strictly between the member and source directly. Please check the laws of your country before you order any of their products. The onus is on the buyer, and the sponsor nor will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.For advertising enquiries contact [email protected] dot com.