Nolvadex instead of an aromatase inhibitor, Nolvadex,

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So awhile back i asked a question about why don’t we just use letrozole for an ai rather than spending a ton of money on good pharma grade aromasin or Arimidex.
Letrozole is cheaper and is stronger.
The answer was from multiple members that it would be a bad move because I would crash my estro. I since have spoken with guys that use letrozole as there ai. They say that it works fine and that letrozole isn’t really as strong as it says on paper. They do say that you need to respect it because it can definitely crash your estro levels if you don’t know how to use it just like any other aromatase inhibitor.

From this question I got the answer that you have to use an ai to keep your estro levels low. Why though when we all know that estrogen has alot to do with the gains we make on cycle. I agree that estrogen levels being way to high are bad for your health and can cause bad side effects.

I’ve thought about trying this cycle out

1-8 test pp 300mgs split 3x mwf
1-8 npp 300mgs split 3x mwf
1-8 mast prop 300mgs split 3x mwf
1-8 anavar 50mgs split ed
Aromasin if needed
Caber if needed

Looking into this cycle I have come across vets and very serious users saying that it would be 100% possible to just run Nolvadex at 20mg a day split maybe 40mg split i haven’t researched deep enough yet. This post is part of my research. I also like that Nolvadex helps with natty test production.

I feel that the mast will help keep the estrogen sides in check. I do know i will need to run bloods and make sure i keep my estrogen levels around 60-70 max.
If I need to I can blast the aromasin because its a suicidal ai so it will drop estrogen levels fast and they won’t rebound immediately.

So saying all that if I went 8wks with those compounds and ran Nolvadex from day one and only if I feel problems or see an issue with my blood work add in an ai.

I believe that just taking Nolvadex and letting my estro run high will allow me to achieve better gains.

I would like to discuss more about this with anyone willing to give feedback on this idea.

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When i was working overseas, i bought a bunch of pharma aromasin otc and have always used asin as my choice of ai.

I think back in the golden era people used to run nolva on cycle instead of an ai…
I think the only way to really know would be through blood work and gauging your estro symptoms
Masteron and proviron definitely will help with estrogen levels

I guess it really comes down to whether youre a high aromatizer or not (300mg test + 300npp)

Im not really gyno prone especially with low doses like I plan. Im a little worried about igf levels dropping because of Nolvadex but I might just stick with using aromasin if needed

I would say at 300mg you prob won’t have any sides and I’d run nolva every other day at 20mg if that. I’m not too up on this subject as I should be. I do know when running tren you want to switch up your blockers. Good thread bro.

Im going to keep digging another buddy gave me some links on the subject I will post those here also.

I read some opinions on some forums that nolvadex and nandrolone do not mix well because it supposedly it worsens the prolactin buildup issues associated deca and tren, have you read about that as well?. But I will try a very similar cycle, because now I wont touch anything that could give me elbow pain, in a few weeks except that I want to use a high dose proviron (or low dose halo) instead of masteron. I will never use aromasin again unless it is necessary for me and I can buy pharma grade nolvadex for cheap here in Mexico! lol


This concept of nor19 compounds and Nolvadex being a bad combination come from a study where a women had an issue with her uterus and taking a Nandrolone and Nolvadex to try and get her better raised her prolactin.
Somehow this study caused many to believe that if you take Nolvadex with a nor19 it will turn out bad. I have taken them together and have had no ill effects so have others. I believed this myself for yrs until someone finnally showed me the study and I read it. Its like the tall tale of bbing lol.
I was curious did you run bloods during the time that you inj your elbow. I wonder if your estro was completely crashed leading to loss in bone density or if the aromasin itself was really the cause.
I would reccomend using compounds with collagen synthesis after an injury npp var and a couple of others.
The Mexico option is always a plus also

I did not run bloods sadly and my joints were not “dry” but the acciden I hadt was very small, I slipped on an icy sidewalk in mtl and fell on my butt twice in a row, the second time i landed more on my elbow than butt, I thought I had dislocated my elbow only . Had to fly back home in a lot of pain to see a dr and turned out it was worse than a dislocation and the type of fracture was not a common thing to my dr, he actually asked me if I did wrestling, but the broken bone reminded me of when I used to make fun of osteoporosis and old ladies when I was a kid lol :sweat:

I will try nolva throughout the cycle and pct (250 test p and 500 mg npp per week) instead of aromasin, but I was expecting to have prolactin sideeffects with or without nolva, I can buy otc cabergoline for cheap here too but I love selegiline and I think it helped me on my last tren cycle ( have been taking 5 mg per week on and off since 2011, gives me great motivation lol) what do you think about caber? would you recomend a medium dose npp cycle without caber?


That will teach you to not make fun of old ladies lol ha ha

That sounds like you really busted your elbow up good.

I have a huge stash of caber because I thought for sure I was going to need it running a couple of npp cycles and my last was decca. I have used it but I believe that only when I was running 600mgs of npp did I really need it. Bloods showed this i never got decca dick or anything so im still unsure about caber being a must use but its definitely a must have if you’re going to run nor19 or atleast prami or bromo or a similar compound.

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