Nolvadex Now or Later

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I have researched to my whites end on the Gyno subject about when, what, how, etc. to take Nolva, and all it did was confuse me to when start it for trying to reverse the Gyno I am experiencing in left side. I just starting week 6.

Should I start the Nolva protocol of 40mg/day for a week, then taper down to 20mg/day until gyno in left goes away, or at least as much as possible, or wait until end of this cycle when I start/switch over to TRT??

If you all do recommend starting Nolva now until it goes away, or at least as much as possible, will it hurt any of the favorable gains from the 500/week of Test E and Var 75/daily??

I think it’s not getting worse, but too soon to say if it’s getting better or reversing yet, since I’ve only done Adex for this week, and a day or two last week to start.

If you have developed gyno you need to get your estrogen in range and start the nolvadex and drop the cycle.
Once you get gyno it doesn’t go away you want to stop the issue quickly.

Why do you believe that you have gyno?

Gyno symptoms? Or gyno setting in?

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I had it when I was a teen in same left side and Dr. supposedly cut Out the lump I had, but don’t remember 100% of details from back then (25+ Years ago). I have 2 flattish lumps that kind of move side to side up/down, float when palpated, kind of like some sort of fat to the left side of left nipple that I didn’t really notice in the past. I have a scar below nipple from surgery with scar tissue under nipple from that, but that has always been somewhat hard, and desensitized that nipple years ago. Nipples aren’t itchy, puffy, or sore on either side, other than the norm for being on Test and rubbing against shirts From time to time. Wife seems to think I have had those 2 small flat lumps to the left side of nipple, and that I just now noticed them and freaked out due to placebo of feeling around for stuff after reading a ton of stuff about Gyno. They don’t really hurt, or are super sensitive, and haven’t grown or shrunk any, and both sides of chest are fairly symmetrical, minus the left being a slight difference from scar tissue and his cut job on that nipple area back in the day.

I have been doing Adex 0.5MG eod since middle of last week and feel pretty good. Tired a bit on occasion, but mostly due to staying up later than I should and not getting 6+ hours every night.

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What you layed out is the best bet to minimize your gyno. 40mg for the first week then 20mg. I’m very prone to gyno myself. Whenever I’m on a hefty dose of test during blast I run nolva at 10mg a day.

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Bloodwork coming or did you already do bloods?

Thanks Brother!

It’s weird, because that left side has always been a tad bit off from right side since a teen, but not noticeable to eye. Even now it’s not noticeable to the eye, and when you feel for it, the 2 flat lumps are about size of a dime and move around slightly. So, I guess that would be the start of what I was once prone to a long time ago. No biggie though. I’ll take the Nolva, keep trucking along, and listen to folks next time by starting Adex from beginning when I blast after starting TRT.

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I have bloods written for mid-cycle and end of cycle by Dr. who will be doing the Test Pellets after I complete cycle, so I will get bloods most likely at the end of next week (week 7). He’s going to use my baseline for the TRT dosing that I did 3 weeks before starting.

Do you gentlemen think I should stick with the 0.5MG of Adex eod and adjust after bloods?

My estradiol was at the high range of the normal scale from the baseline bloods, so apparently I am most likely at the higher range than most with natty numbers.

I would actually start a nolvadex regimen like @Raphael3636 was saying and stick with adex and after bloodwork you might need aromasin or exemestane to control estrogen.
Bloodwork will really be what can tell you were your estrogen levels are and then take action.

I personally would taper off and rethink taking aromatizing compounds. You can run low testosterone and add compounds that don’t turn into estrogen. You have the var and can run a trt dose of testosterone and hopefully then not have any issues. You really don’t want to get gyno again I can imagine.

Good luck and good gains brother

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Thanks @Bigmurph!

I will start the Nolva regimen, stick with Adex, and see what bloods tell me mid-cycle. I honestly think I could’ve circumvented this whole crap, if I’d just started Adex it AI’s at the beginning e3d for prophylaxis. I think I’ll be fine and now know going forth as another lesson learned.


I look forward to hearing more about your experience. This is great because others will read this and especially with bloodwork there is alot that someone can take from your experience.

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What is this?
Sounds like a condom?



Preventative medicine to prevent it from happening. :laughing:

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Gotcha lol

Stick with 0.5mg of the Adex every other day and adjust after bloods??

I pin on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s.

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Yup stick with what your doing now, then when results come in adjust accordingly brotha


Thanks brother!

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Same here man, I always run nolva at a low dose daily.

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