Nord VPN Special Internet Browsing Security

Nord is currently running a deal on their top rated VPN service for $2.99/mnth based on a 3 year pre-paid plan.

Thought someone might like to take that deal to save 75% off the month to month cost.



I bought this on a 2 yr prepaid deal last time. Works great and dont have to worry about paying accounts all the time.


Its a great deal ive actually renewed for another 3 years

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Damn this is fuckin cheap. Too bad my current one doesn’t expire til 4/2019

Look to see if you can extend at this rate might be an option.

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It’s a different provider

Azire VPN has the price now 3 euros a month for their 2 year plan and if speed if ever a concern Wireguard is the way to go. Im really suprised that Nord hasnt adopted the protocol.


I actually extended mine from 2019 to 2022.
I didn’t think that they were offering this deal for existing customers but they were.

I actually believe that nord keeps getting slower and slower.
Its not a bad slow but its not fast either.

Im gonna get in on this great deal and can never be too safe

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Nord works great for my purposes. Not lightning fast but way better than others I’ve tried.

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On chromebook , it came as an extension. No payment…hahaha I’m probably an idiot. No I am an idiot…but maybe a touch more.

This is a good deal and I recommend Nord VPN to anyone - I like that the price includes mobile app. I would get this but I have 900+ days left on a similar price I got around the holidays last year.