Northern Muscle Forum Shut Down

A few months back the Canadian forum Northern Muscle went offline and never came back. People were speculating all sorts of things about the shutdown and hoping it was only temporary. Seems as tho its not coming back and people are trying to open new sites however thats not very easy since the information of the site is all gone, its basically starting over.

We have 3 good Canadian sources as of now and our views from Canada users is growing. Anyways welcome to anyone from Northern Muscle or Canada.


Welcome to any or all of our Canadian members. Our growing Canadian specific Verified Sponsors are here to serve each of you.

If you have any concerns or questions concerning do not hesitate to let me know.

Some Canadians from NM may remember me. Welcome guys and post up. We’re glad to have you.

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Welcome. I love Canada. I use to date an ifbb pro female bodybuilder from there. Hope to
See you all around.

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@TrenGod I would normally never disagree with you but we have the 3 BEST Canadian domestic sponsors online. This might be debatable but I always do my due diligence.
Any member from Canada please check them out. The only decision to make is which out of the 3 you want to use because all 3 are top notch.

Sorry @TrenGod had to bust your balls a bit lol
In all seriousness though top notch sponsors and nothing else at

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