Not sure how I feel about this...?


That would be amazing on a smoker, smeared in deli mustard covered in SGP, paprika, brown sugar, and a few other secrets @ 225-250 for an hour per pound… with either apple or cherry wood



Looks great :yum::joy:

It all depends what the butt whole is stuffed with, I’d reckon :wink:


There’s nothing like a big stuffed butt hole… Mmm. Wait I meant whole, whole, damn autocorrect. Lol

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Very nice, do you have a culinary background brotha?

No, just really enjoy BBQ. I’m a steam fitter/welder by day, but in 18 years when I retire all I’m going to do is bbq all day every day


You gotta give us some food porn pictures of your bbq you make and if you can share the recipe. Where all always looking for new ways to eat protein of any kind.

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Wings, and a 9 lb butt I recently did. I will def post up more pics and recipes. I do ribs, brisket, wings, butt/shoulders


Damn brotha looking delicious :yum:

My mouth is watering that looks so good!!

Dont act like you’ve never ate ass jk lol

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