Notice--- Asylum Labs Possible Bust. Working with feds turning on sources

Notice--- Asylum Labs Possible Bust. Working with feds turning on sources

As of now people are reporting Asylum Labs has been busted and the guy is turning on other people including sources he cooked for. 2 separate sources have confirmed and that other accounts are being made to gather information from people.

Apparently this bust is tied into it.

“One person is under investigation at this time. Our preliminary investigation indicated the suspected steroids were not sold locally. We believe the drugs were being sold on the Internet,” explained Hanlin.

“We are not releasing the name of the individual under investigation because he has not been charged. The material will be shipped to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation laboratory for testing and analysis. But the lab has already told us it will take months to test all of the seized material,” Hanlin said.

Any sources dealing with this guy or his clients need to be on alert.

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Anyone that received packages from this area Yorkville, Ohio- Wheeling Ohio,- Pittsburg need to watch out as well.

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Geez this is bad. Never ordered from them or know anyone that has. Thanks for update @TG sells asylum thats the #1 domestic src in the states. This is huge and could have far reaching effects.

Well since the word is Asylum is turning on sources they cooked for, for ifits sake hope they didn’t divulge too much info to them.

This could become bad you know who ifit is connected to.

This looks to be true has pulled asylum labs and replaced it with roidpharm not sure how long ago they changed it

I saw that to . I never ordered from them either.

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