Notice regarding all promos

Notice regarding all promos

No more promos providing free gear will be allowed unless a purchase is a necessary from the sponsor. Such a buy X get X free is allowed. Or x% off of a $x order is fine.

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This includes contests then for free store credit? Sorry that’s prolly obvious just wanted to make sure I abide.

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I would like to expand on this a bit.


If a verified sponsor would like to have a giveaway contest they need to contact the staff of ugmuscle so that your promo can be approved. We all love a good contest or promo but we have seen some things happen that we don’t love.
We want our sponsors and members to be able to still participate and have contests and promotions. I believe that they are great for the community and we all enjoy them.
The promotions which are being made not allowed are promotions that just giveaway free products for absolutely nothing.
We don’t want to attract the attention of the so called promo whore. Im sure that everyone has heard this term before and we don’t want to attract these types to ugmuscle. We welcome all but we of course want members who are here to help each other and are here for discussion or even to get help. We don’t want to ever build ugmuscle on the fact that free gear is being given away. I have seen myself this practice cause other communities harm. Ugmuscle has decided that were not going to walk down this path.
We still very much encourage contests and promotions that offer our members great opportunities. The type of promotions and contests that we encourage are what we see already happening. Recently there have been a few free giveaways and we want to go in a direction of a purchase is necessary for all promotions.
If you are a verified sponsor and you have a promotion that you want to run that doesn’t fit the purchase necessary promotion. You will need to contact @Bigmurph to get an approval for this type of promotion. Most likely moving forward this type of promotion will not be approved though unless we have a very specific and special situation.


Check out my post I wanted to explain this a bit more


I like this idea a lot. Too many of those freebie hunters out there. I will make sure all my future promos oblige.


Thanks for the explanation murph. Contest whore are like little scavengers feeding on whatever they can get.


Promo whores​:joy::joy: never heard that one before!


What’s wrong with a contest whore who doesn’t want free shit

Any communication between a site sponsor or source is strictly between the member and source directly. Please check the laws of your country before you order any of their products. The onus is on the buyer, and the sponsor nor will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.For advertising enquiries contact [email protected] dot com.