NPP question: will I get deca dick?

Thanks everyone for your replies. Pinned my first NPP cycle today and going for 8 weeks (June 8 to Aug 3), pinning as follows:

NPP 100mg EOD
Test P 50mg EOD
Test E 250mg E7D (ongoing 2+ yrs TRT)

My current stats:

Early 50’s
232 lbs
20%+ BF


You look lean in your picture I figured that you were lower than 20%bf??
Big numbers though brother 232lb 6’ this should be a really good run for you.

Good luck and good gains brother


Keep us updated on your progress brotha!

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Yeah, about 15% in my profile pic. It was taken last summer on my last EQ/test cycle and I think I was at 225 lbs.

So you just have a little extra bf. Im sure that you are still looking good. Especially once you run this cycle. Npp does alot in 8wks with the other compounds you should come out the other side looking good.

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Thanks man. Careful balance between hitting it hard to make gainz and lose BF but not too hard that I eff up my shoulder(s) again.

Oh no I thought that it was getting better?
Injuries suck

Yeah, shoulders are definitely feeling better and that’s where I’m a little leary of pushing too hard and re-injury.

Yeah Im still worried about my bicep every time I work out and its been years now. I hate injuries especially when it sets you back.

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