Off color vial of Test Cypionate

Off color vial of Test Cypionate

Hey guys,
I just received my first ever order, and in it I received 3 vials of Test Cyp. 2 of the vials were perfectly clear but one was kind of milky, off white.
Does this mean the gear has crashed? How should I handle this?

I can add pictures but didn’t want to put the source on blast as I’m still learning proper gear handling and forum etiquette.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Source responded via email very quickly and is sending replacements today. Thank you to everyone for responding.

Received 3 replacements last Saturday. See my comment below for further details.



gear will crash if it gets too cold. most people use a wax burner. just put water where u would normally put the wax. and sit ur vial in tge water and let it warm for a minute or two. if it is just crashed it will come back but its wierd oonly one vial is like this.


I’ll try that thank you @AlmightyGL

Trying to warm it up now. Just noticed one of the clear vials has a small piece of black particulate… I’m guessing that’s not normal?

No, not normal. That’s a foreign object that your body will NOT want inside of it

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Thank you for responding. This is disappointing! @JB_rD81

Now I’m not sure if I should tap in to the other vial or not. Don’t wanna fuck myself up first cycle

I would contact the source… if they’re a sponsor from here you could even get @Bigmurph involved


Just sent the source an email. They’re a verified source on here. Thanks for the input man


Source has already responded to email. Said it sounded like a crashed vial and the particle may be a piece of the stopper. Says they’re sending out replacements.


Always contact source no need to use crash gear.


Thank you for sharing so much knowledge with us new guys!! Very kind.

Under no circumstances should you use crashed gear. That falls on the source. We usually call them out for this. Don’t use a wax warmer or put in oven. Trash that shit bro.


Thanks boss! You guys are great


Is this taken care of?


I believe so. I believe the source shipped replacements yesterday afternoon. I will update again in a few days. Thank you very much for checking @Bigmurph


@Bigmurph and all other concerned parties: on Saturday, just a few days after contacting the source I received 3 vials of Test Cyp.

They included a heat pack, but the vials were still very cold when I received them, but no crashing this time.

So overall I gained up 1 vial from my original order. Very good customer service I would say.

BUT my question is; how often do you find particulate in your vials of Test? This was my first ever order and first time trying any AAS at all and I spotted that particle by sheer luck.

This could’ve easily been a freak incident, but makes me wonder how often this really happens.

I assumed by the way that you described it was just a crashed vial of testosterone.
When you say particles do you mean little black dots?
Or was it more like crystals?

I had the milky, off white vial that seemed crashed as well as a vial that was not crashed, that had one small, black particle in it. The source guessed it was a piece of the stopper. Like a black dot @Bigmurph

Little black dots can be anything really but from my experience it happens when a filter might be pushed to far or even just contamination.
Ive seen eyelashes I have seen filters that leave fibers in vials.
You should always check your vials before injecting because you can get pieces of the stopper from using large gauge needles you can have contamination you can have a vial start to crash halfway through this is one of the reasons that we have Harm Reduction month in November each year and this is a perfect example of needing to check to prevent Harm.

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