Official Weigh-in

Continuing the discussion from Thanks UGM for your support! Fight night Sat 4-28:

Last night was the official weigh-in for tonights fight. Our catch weight was 140.
He was coming down from 145 & I was coming up from 132, for us to meet at 140lbs. There is a (+or-) 1.5lb leeway. My opponent cane in at 141.2 just under the limit. While I came I’n a a ready 140.4

He stands 5’10 1/2 to my 5’8. I’m sure he will balloon up to around 148-150 by tonight but that’s perfectly fine with me!

Talk, talk, talk is what he wanted to do.
I had not to much to say at all. As far as I’m concerned, we are about to fight in less than 24 hours. I’ve done enough talking and now it’s time to fight. Nothing else l eft to say. I’ll do the rest if my talking in that ring! Time to get it fellas! :boxing_glove::muscle::muscle::boxing_glove:


Good luck !!! :slight_smile:

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Hello champion, the victory is already yours, you just gotta go pick it up…i have been praying for you daily. At what time will be the fight; so we can focus our prayers right at that time?


In the next post I hope to hear that he became a 150lb plank
Get em


@Pastor thanks for the continued prayers brother. The fights start at 6pm. I’m scheduled for 8:00 maybe sooner depending on how long the earlier bouts last.

Father in the name of Jesus we pray for victory tonight, we pray for an awesome spectacle , we pray for a demonstration of superior athleticism . We thank you for the opportunity to train so hard, we thank you for the strength to make it thru all this journey of hard work and sacrifice . The victory belongs to my brother N8GainTrain already…he is simply on his way to pick it up. Bless his family as well father, open the doors of prosperity tonight father an an awesome future,. in Jesus name we pray.
We love you champion

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That’s perfect my brother from the bottom of my heart thank you.:pray:

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Rooting for u buddy! Kick ass!! wear him out! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: the bigger they are??..THA HARDER THEY FFFFAAALLLLL!!

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