Olympics in China will this effect raw material?

This is the truth about the situation that probably most of you don’t know about but raw manufacturers are going to be effected by this situation.
Effectively all Chinese raw material companies are facing a hard time. I personally don’t at all believe that this will be the end of the AAS world as some have made it seem(no one at ugmuscle)
I believe that it will effect cost for some companies but others actually don’t even use raw material from China so they will be completely immune to this situation.
I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention because things might start to change in the community world wide but just like all situations the strong will survive and overcome the challenges.
Keep in mind that if a sponsor is verified today that can change quickly and to keep up with anything that might happen check the sponsors status beforehand just to make sure that they have there verification.
Im honestly not worried about the sponsors at ugmuscle but I do know that our members sometimes decide to use other forums srcs and remember not all other forums even care about what is happening they protect their srcs at ugmuscle we don’t even have srcs we have sponsors and we sure don’t protect them we protect our members because since the beginning and until the end that’s who ugmuscle will always be there for our members.

Just wanted to get that out there so everyone knows what’s going on and that we are very aware of the situation and will be vigilant until it passes.


I’ve talked to a few top suppliers this is “supposed” to mainly affect SARMS but we will see. Most top suppliers said they aren’t too worried about it. I remember years ago same situation happened prices went up higher than normal but still no shortage. Even if it does affect raws people always find a way to get it we just may pay more. Pay to play right lol

Good write up bro


You are on the mark its the sarms that they are really going after right now especially since they just passed another ban that made all sarms illegal just like they did with pro and pre hormones. No way to slide any compounds under the radar anymore with the new ban it universally covers everything known and unknown so they can’t introduce new compounds.

I also think that it will effect cost I almost believe that its being done to raise the cost because pharma companies charge so much more and because of that so many trt patients have decided to go the ugl route than way overpay at a pharmacy. This will bump up the price possibly and make it a bit harder for some to go around the pharmacy depending upon where they live.

Exactly you gotta pay to play lol

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If the Ban will be real and they stop it in 2020 there will be much less bad labs and the ones that will work will have the real deal raws becouse now at this moment there is a lot of scamers to if u dont test the raws u can get all kind of goods…

And India will work on.

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Well anyways, Fuck sarms

S. 2895 sponsored by the 86 year old senator Grassley, wonder who is paying this goof. It was introduced but not passed…YET. It makes SARMS schedule III drugs like AAS. I think China has their own law going into effect for APIs and labs producing intermediates and dietary products. I thought it was based on addressing pollution. Whatever it is, you are all right. Someone will pick up the slack.

I thought that the sarms ban passed in early November maybe it was just a step towards passing it ??

All the politicians have been busy…:cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:…not passed as of yet. Everyone’s freaking about the china one.

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