On TRT, placed an order for deca

On TRT, placed an order for deca

Hi I am new and I know it typical to introduce yourself. I live in Arizona. I recently got back into lifting after being on TRT for about 6 months. I built a gym in my garage and have seen a lot of progress. I was a heavy drinker and I have not drank since 9/27/2019. My strength has been coming back and all around feel healthier. I read that deca can be a good addition to TRT. So I made an order with a sponsor. I’ve seen people say they got their orders super fast and even that they communicate pretty quickly. Is it typical to get a shipment notice from them. I emailed the sponsor and haven’t received a response. Thanks.


Welcome to ugmuscle brother I had to edit your post to fit the community guidelines.
Glad to have you as part of the community

If you would like to ask questions about the sponsor please post in that sponsors category

Thanks. I’ve only been on here for a month so I’m still learning.

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No doubt brother

Welcome to the board.
Also on TRT here.
I have seen lean mass and loss of body fat from my TRT.
Ask questions if you don’t know something.


Welcome!!I’ve heard many people use lower dose deca with good success. But I’m sure this could apply to many compounds. What’s your trt dose at if you dont mind me asking?

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I am using 200mg twice a week. My prescribed dose is 200mg is one a week. I ran into a friend who recommended I try 200mg twice a week because my test level was 346 by the 6th day. Im going tomorrow for labs again especially because my doctor never check my estrogen. I read that deca was a good joint lube too so that what drew me to it. My shoulders get pretty sore. So I’m hoping it helps with that too. In October my max bench was 165lbs x 1 . I have gotten up to 205lbs. My wife has also comment that I’m getting leaner. I just want to keep going cause I’ve never felt better. So I am gonna use 200mg twice a week for 10 weeks and try 100mg a week of deca for 10 weeks then go down to 100mg of test cyp twice a week.

Watch them shoulders bro… if you tear them up you’ll be screwed… I don’t know what your chest routine is, but you might give the shoulders a break from benching every other week… there are many other chest routines that will give comparable mass gains w/o over stressing the shoulders…
Deca is a good joint lube and may alleviate some or all the shoulder pain, but it won’t fix the problem… just don’t get lured into a false sense of security, the pain is there for a reason… be careful with those shoulders…

@OB1 My shoulders have actually gotten less sore the more I work I my delts. I think I was pretty weak from years away from lifting and drinking too much. When they get sore I do take breaks or go with a lower weight. I’m gonna be in the woods for a few days so hopefully that will also help give me a break. Thanks. My brother is a government contractor and lifts constantly. He ended up with a pretty bad tear. I definitely don’t want to go that route. He’s doing a lot better though.

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Yeah, shoulders take a beating on almost all upper body lifts… if you want to get your bench up, beat the shit out of your arms… no more 12oz curls is a great start, so you are on the right track… sounds like you might only be sore from lack of exercise… I like deca, just have your pct ready and ai’s on hand just in case, your wife won’t like decadick, :sweat_smile:
Have fun stomping in the woods…

I’m trying to get arimidex from my doctor. Going to do blood work tomorrow. I’ve read some people don’t really do any PCT on TRT that they just go back to their normal dose. Is this not good enough?

It depends on how each individual is affected… I was scripted hcg while on trt which helped with hypogonadism… if you’re going to add compounds to your trt, then technically your running a cycle… and if you cycle, you will almost certainly need pct… even tho 10 weeks of deca sounds short, it’s potent and can knock your dick in the dirt!

Read the steroid cycles topic… lot’s of really good info there… I ran deca at 2 to 1, it’s a good test combo, gives it a nice little kick…
This is a great forum, glad you made it here…

@OB1 OK thanks

Welcome aboard brotha pleasure to have you here, and I sincerely congratulate you on your sobriety brotha, I’ve been there my man, if you ever need to just talk or whatever just hit me up

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@Raphael3636 Thanks man that means a lot. It’s been rough but I’m feeling better every day.

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One day at a time brotha


Welcome to the forum brother! If you ever have any questions everyone here answers and has lots of info!

Welcome aboard man. Congratulations for getting sober brother!

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