OneQ HGH promo 10% off

OneQ HGH promo 10% off

Hey guys,

Some promo here :slight_smile:
Use code : UGM10 to get 10% discount
Or code: UGM30 to get 30$ discount (for the first time customers who want to try it will be good)
Just choose what will be best for you :slight_smile:


Current batch:
RP - 3,14% it means that this batch contains 3.14% of similar proteins
SEC - 0,34% it means that this batch contains 0.34% of dimers and aggregates (not shown on this graph)
Concentration - 3,32mg (or 100iu Blue kit / 50iu White kit)

RP-HPLC (EP 8.0) should be> 94% -> the content of similar proteins with less biological activity than GH, in acc.with Pharmacopoeia concentration of similar proteins should be less than 6%.

Dimers and aggregates: SEC-HPLC (EP 8.0) should be> 96% -> High molecular weight admixtures of somatotropin and products of its physical degradation.
It characterizes the immunogenicity of the drug and ability to induce an immune response. The more concentration - the stronger immune response neutralizing growth hormone, in acc.with Pharmacopoeia concentration of dims/aggs should be less than 4%.

Any questions - jjust let me know :slight_smile:


That’s alot of information which members here are scientists? Lol

Sounds great and looks great your gh has tested well over and over. This promo is a great deal.

I only have good things to say about this is the top generic HGH on the market and you will notice I didn’t say UGL because this is what I would call generic pharma grade hgh.

@OneQ you guys have stayed at the top level for awhile now possibly soon another verified gold sponsor :wink::wink:

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First time customers 30% off sound good looks like i will jump on this soon :innocent:

Man sounds like a deal I get tempted by deals.

I’m going to be checking this out as well

Sorry for confuse,

This is not 30% discount, this is 30$ discount for the order
For example, if you want to try for the first time 1 kit blue/white - you will get 30$ off with this discount
But if you want to order 3 kits blue / 6 kits white - better to use 10% discount because in that case you will get 36$ off


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hope to run “long” GH in November

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Thanks for the clarification been wanting to give some a shot just have to do some research.

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Im looking forward to seeing it come out that’s going to be a leap forward with hgh.

You make it sound even better. It’s like you have a way with words. I’ll probably give it a shot in a few months maybe Christmas bonus time.

A bit dropped price on pre-mixed HGH
Promo still valid :slight_smile:

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What is the difference between the white and blue and does UGM30 work for both products? I’ll be trying for sure

White - powder
Blue - premixed

Yes,sure. Codes works for both


If you want to take 2iu a day how do you dose the blue in an insulin pen?

Also, do you inject the blue sub q just like regular HGH?

0,22 ml or 22iu on 100iu 1ml syringe
Yes you should use it as any other HGH

One very importatnt thing you should know before you buy our products. Our hgh (white and blue) is very complex HGH with protection matrix against: sunlight, high/low temperatures, shacking etc… some customers (~2-3%) faced with immune reaction or individual intolerance in injection place like: red welts, painful injection, painful bumps. It may caused by any addtional compound in the formulation. Here is:

Blue - water, phenol, rGH, polysorbat 80, citric acid, sodium chloride
White - rGH, tween 20, sodium chloride, glycine, phosphate buffer PH7

If you have a reaction to Blue - White may be good for you. Or if White feels bad - Blue might be OK.
So before you order a lot of product - please make a trail order with 1 kit of product you want and be safe !

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