Online Training with IFBB Pro Nick Trigili! Mr USA 2014

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Hey guys UGM is proud to have our IFBB Pro Nic Trigili here to offer training services online. 1 on 1 skype sessions to go over all your training needs. Diet, Training, Contest Prep, Supplementation. You can reach Nick on skype @ ntrigger20 for rates or message him on the board here.


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Awesome to have him join us. This is a great addition to
The group.

whats up everyone !!! feel freee to fire away questions here . I will be here all the time answer questions.


I like this guy. It seemed like if I remember correctly he had got a couple unexpected lower finishs due to listening to too many people, being too big, then came in zipped and got the card. I might be totally off. Great to have him here. I know from my Chi town roots some guys competing with him.

thanks for the kind words buddy ! do you compete?

Old school. Made a few decent comebacks followed by an injury each time, it’s a hobby. Thank God, because if I did get a lucky break, I wouldn’t have a career2003 was probably my best year. Not much social media. I go back so far to actually AAU and Lou zwick calling Al the time when I was 19. Good times. More comraderie. I just think I remember you being touted as 280 plus, in videos like 6 weeks out and when you won, shit you probably we’re 250 but I think u were smaller waisted and looked awesome. I could be wrong and it’s not an insult. I guess I can look it up… LOL

lol, u sound like a good time. my last show , which was my first pro show , I was 268-270 show day… when I won my pro. card at uses in 2014 , was about 260- 255

Awesome to have you . I am definitely interested in talking with you over Skype . Can you let me know your Skype rates . I am making one last run at my pro card. Not sure if in the open or master in Pittsburgh. I don’t think I am packing enough mass to do National’s in Miami this year. Definitely intrested in talking with you. Glad to see you here .

hit me up on Skype ntrigger20… lets talk game plan and go over the rates !

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Ok cool. Is there a certain time you are available?

hit me up anytime… I will answer

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Ok cool thanks.

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welcome. any thing we can do.


This is very awesome!!! S kind of you to share your knowledge!


Its good to see you around


This is a great addition to the site.


im happy to share my knowledge with you guys , and hopefully get some aspiring bodybuilders under my guidance !

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just looking to help people out !

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You should have your own Q&A corner…

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I’m down . What u guys think?

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