Ontario Needle Exchange

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum and I want to start off by saying I appreciate all the information you guys put out there on AAS as it has helped me a great deal. You guys are doing God’s work :muscle:

So to the matter at hand, I’ve been buying my pins from some med supplier and it’s been costing me an arm and a leg. It has come to my attention that there are these needle exchange systems around Ontario in which they offer you free pins and hygenic supplies.

Why I have not heard of these services before is beyond me but anyhow, can someone share their experiences in dealing with these services? What exactly does it entail, and most importantly, is it discrete? I notice they have a mobile delivery service - I live on a street where everybody knows everybody and would like to be able to use this service discretely if possible.

Cheers guys


I actually don’t have experience but what I have read about them is they will give you a certain amount of pins to use and you have to keep going back weekly or every 3 days something like that.
I was also told that they do ask for your personal information. I don’t know if this is true but if they do ask for your personal information I would suggest sticking with ordering from a verified sponsor at ugmuscle.is. we have a few accessories shops that are not active sponsors but are still verified as a place to use. Hit me up in a pm if you have any questions.

Im not sure if you have written a introduction but im sure that we would all like to get to know a little about you.
Welcome to ugmuscle.is either way brother im always here to help.


And to add to this :point_up: i’ve been told that you must take some sort of educational class so that you are aware of how to use properly! So with that said they must have your personal info on file to verify you are certified each time you exchange!

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Slin pins are usually easier to get becuase of diabetics. Check prices on those as well.

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