Opinions about my new cycle

Opinions about my new cycle

Hey guys, I’m new here, I’m 22 yo and next year I’m gonna compete as a Classic Physique athlete.
My coach just gave me this cycle to run for 4 weeks (for now):
Sustanon 250mg every monday
Testovis (Testosterone Propionate) 100mg every Thursday
Boldenone 200mg every Monday/Friday
Anavar 30mg pre workout (4 times a week)

I noticed there are 2 Susta types on the market:

  1. Cyp/Prop/Enanthate
  2. Phenylpropionate/Prop/Isocaproate/Decanoate

He told me to stick with the classic one, so the second Susta I mentioned.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys could give me a honest opinion about this cycle. Thanks in advance!

I’d drop sust for e and take prop 3 times a week.

This your first cycle? What’s current conditioning and time of contest?

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This to me seems strange for a cycle. So many weird WTF and me making that confused dog look face when I look at it. As a 22yo the only thing I’d say is you probably are Not needing a cycle. Or one like this. But I am one say that low dosing test and Anavar would be the limit. And use this for 4 weeks? Then what? Maybe I am just too old school and thinking this is crazy for a first time ride. Or have you used any of these compounds before?

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This being your first post I made it your introduction.

Welcome to ugmuscle glad to have you around

Let me ask you a question did your “coach” put together a diet plan for you or did he just say to use these compounds?

4wks is a waste of time to run any aas compound unless it was a testosterone base or tne.

Boldenone for 4wks is insane in my opinion

Thanks for answering.
This is not my first cycle, I already did 2 cycles in the past, I have not been using anything for about 15 months now. We’re planning to compete in the middle of next year and I need to put on tons of muscles.
He just told me to “begin” with those compounds so I guess he’s gonna extend/change it before 4 weeks end.

Thanks for answering. As I said to the other guy who answered, this will be my third cycle.
I think he’s gonna extend/change the cycle depending on how I’ll react to it.
I’m really confused now.

I get your third cycle. But have you used all of these compounds before and like this? Or like anything remote to this? We have a guy on here. @PHD. He does this kind of stuff and has members here with great results. Plus he competes. Might be a idea to ask him for help. He charges a fee but being a member on here will work a deal. Hope I’m not speaking out incorrectly @PHD.

Thanks for answering, this forum will be extremely helpful to me.

Anyway yeah he put together a diet plan for me, besides the workout program.
As I said to the other guys, my opinion is that he’s gonna extend or change it somehow before the 4 weeks end…

That makes more sense than a 4wk plan

I would say that sense you have already took the leap then your age doesn’t really matter but remember you don’t want to be on trt by 25yr.

I would also say to do exactly what you are doing and question what a coach tells you ask him what the plan is after 4wks or is that how you pay him every 4wks?
Im not against you brother harm reduction is a big part of what we do here and I don’t always trust people like your coach that only gave you a 4wk plan.

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I just asked him, waiting for his answer. I’m just shy and I trusted him so I didn’t even ask what are the plans after these 4 weeks.
Other guys told me that I’m gonna have lots of fluctuations with this test split, is that true?
I’m so confused about this situation now…

I personally don’t like sustanon for that reason but other members here love it over any other testosterone choice its really a personal preference and also I believe it has alot to do with how you dose so that you can avoid peaks and valleys or the roller coaster of hormones.

You came to the right place once you have more information from your coach post it up and you have alot of guys here willing to help you out brother.

Is your coach your supplier? I ask because if he is get a new coach because your coach shouldn’t be your supplier.

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Thanks again for your answer.
My coach is not my supplier, but thanks for asking.

I’m happy to have found out this forum tbh; I’ll defo let you know when he answers me.

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No doubt brother I feel better knowing that your coach isn’t your supplier.
It makes me have more faith in him

This coach brought 3-4 athletes to Mr. Olympia and turned many athletes to pro, so I thought I could trust him, I think I’ll just wait for his answer.

How much are you paying him?

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Welcome to the forum! I’ve never ran EQ, nor taken anavar, so I can’t give you any cycle advice on those compounds. You’ve found a great a group of guys that that can though, good luck bro!

Mh yeah I already used prop, bolde and anavar but nothing similar to that cycle.
I’ll defo consider the person you mentioned, thank you.

Welcome to the forum!

Curious why he would have you running test prop one day a week? And boldenone 2x a week? Can anyone more knowledgeable comment on this?

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Why I am confused. So many random compounds ran randomly.

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Only thing I can think of is he’s using the fast ester in sust on Mon and prop on Thurs. Why I suggested dropping that stupid setup and doing enan or cyp and prop separately.

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