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Hey guys!
Just a small discussion
We all know most oral aas have short half lives and many of us split our oil aas dosages into ed, eod, or e3d usually to keep stable levels of hormones

When you guys take orals, do you split your dosage?

Example) 25mg winstrol in the a.m and 25mg winstrol in the p.m

I know this is talked a lot about on other boards but just wanted to know what you guys do!

I personally just dose everything in the mornings as soon as i wake up.

I do it all in morning or pre workout a bit. Depending on time of day and which orals. Obviously halo i do before the workout.

@PHD @Mrusa2014

I like to split mine up am and pre workout (1hour before) or on no training days 2nd dose 8 hours after 1st meal

No brother definitely split your doses look up the half life of the compound you are taking most are morn and night but some are morn noon night.
Unless you are taking it as a pwo
Which when I still ran dbol I would take as a pwo

Depends on dose. All In morning if low dose or split am and preworkt (assuming that’s later In the day). Then on off day still split keeping times the same as if I was working out. For me that’s about 8-10 hours later so works out nice.

Seems that the general consensus is to sit doses
Ill probably split my winny dosages just to keep things at a balance
Just wish this liquid oral didnt taste like nail polish remover :joy:

I’ve heard grapefruit juice helps

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