Order cancel bid. Chance to save $$

Order cancel bid. Chance to save $$

bidding ends 1/8 midnight pacific time
bids have to go up by $5 min each time
starts at 70 shipped, add any items to the order for 10% off their sale price
also… happy new year from PMXR

1 test e 20ml
1 tren a 20ml


I’ll go 70








I’m not even gonna be able to bid at the end, makes me not want to bid anymore.

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we will change bidding end to 1/9 at 6pm pacific time @John @Coalhogg @Ominous @BEasy39

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Ok then 135


Well @BEasy39 you got me beat now, cause the between mailing and the two products it comes to 145 and I’m not payin more then what there listed for, so enjoy buddy.

Yea I just noticed that. I forgot to add shipping into the total price. Smh. It’s yours at $135 bro. Can I remove my last bid @Bigmurph?

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I’m not mad or anything it’s yours

I don’t get involved in this you need to speak with paramexer through email

email me as well

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