Para pharma? Quality

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So para pharma the brand has been around for awhile but I personally haven’t really followed it because it has been provided by srcs that I honestly have never used. Naps is about to release para pharma at a huge discount.
Do I order or pass?
The pricing is amazing I just need to know if the quality is there anyone have any experience with it.
I’ve seen aromasin as winny.
These things worry me but the prices have me intrigued

GH is the most widely faked substance we use bro. What type of GH is it what brand? Send me a pic on wire. I’d stick with @AlexYang

No its not gh
You know my gh is the same as yours

Its para pharma its a ugl out of the EU
They just started to carry it and its basically 50% off of everything.
Im thinking about grabbing some var and primo but this brand has a good and bad track record.
I also assume that it will be a new batch because naps will move half a million vials in a month so they got to be stocked up and ready.

Its kinda a roll of the dice but if it turns out that its good the price will not be beaten

I do need to show you a new brand of gh MGT
It comes in liquid form and is good for 3yrs if kept refrigerated

Oh got ya. Mmm liquid GH is have to check on that one bro. Yea hit me up we will chat

Para was good from ug freak. I say this because all of a sudden a lot of EU places started carrying it. Para was the one that seemed to control it up til one year ago. They would have a recall on sust 350 and send anyone who ordered to try 5 bottles of the new batch, discounts, shit like that. I thought is was worth the price that ug would promo for. Always smooth, test was good, decan p was just as good as other Npp I used up to that time. Last was 1 year or so. Maybe naps just has the buying power?

I definitely agree the price is because naps will move so much product.
I think that im going to get a pac of var to put away at 220 for 50mgs 100 tabs as long as it’s real its a good buy.

I think sources that have been in the game for a long time go through “rough patches”
Either intentionally or unintentionally.

Even naps has had poor reviews of gear being under-dosed or fake but I’m sure it had to do with raw suppliers.
I dont think para pharma would still be around if they were out there putting fake/underdosed gear worldwide but then again… this world never fails to surprise me

aromasin… winny…
that does scare me tho LOL

I agree im a naps guy and I’ve seen naps have gp adex that was way underdosed. I’ve seen genshi put out prop that I believe was test enanthate. I’ve seen dragon pharma have really bad blood work at the beginning.
It definitely happens to everyone thats why I really believe that ai and pct should always be pharma grade

The person that it happened to is a member here he just spends most of his time at er maybe he will see this and comment.

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