Paramexer independent reveiw

This is an independent review for Paramexer

**Has the product been used? For how long?
All products been used for 10+ weeks

*Brief description of review
Independent reveiw for a great sponsor

*Communication & Ordering process
On point! Every time I sent a message I literally got a reply within a couple hours at the most. Ordering process is straight forward and easy as can be.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
3 days after donation was sent. I swear he lives around the corner. Nice tight packaging.

*Items ordered
Tren A 100
Test P 150
Masteron P 100
Equipoise 400
Anadrol 50

*Product effectivenes and experience
Every compound was perfectly dosed. Some vials I really believe there was more then what there was supposed to be, both with the 10ml and 20ml
Tren A was smooth as butter. Test P hade a lil bite to it but I believe the 150 is brewed with EO, regardless its not bad at all. Mast P was very smooth and thin. EQ 400 had zero pip which surprised me at the mg content. Anadrol was as it should be. Really got me nice and full with virtually zero water retention. All in all, I felt great running Paramexer gear. Full as fuck, vascular, hard and grainy, and no bloat, what more can you ask for.

*Additional commentary
For the guys that are in the fence with Paramexer, jump on it fellas. Great sponsor with great gear.

*Rate with 1-10
Communication -
Payment processing -
Order processing-
Delivery -
Shipping packaging-
Product packaging-
Product effectiveness -
*Would you recommend this sponsor?
Absolutely with out a doubt.


Great review bro, thanks for sharing! I was also surprised after bumping up from the 200mg/ml EQ to the 400mg/ml at the lack of bite from it and the smoothness in pinning. I thought it wasn’t doing much for my appetite until about week 8 then all the sudden I couldn’t eat enough and I was always hungry. I had to drop it bc I was in the process of trying to cut weight for my last fight. I was extremely pleased with the results and the effects it was having on my body but bc of the appetite increase I had to drop it…still took 2-3 weeks after stopping for it to subside some.


Same for me brother right around the 8 week mark the munchies we’re setting in. I’m still currently running the EQ at 800mg a week, I love the way it caps my shoulders and overall vascularity. Awesome compound. Probably gonna run it the rest of the year and donate blood about every 2 months. I was also very pleased the I didn’t experience any anxiety at 800mg. I will have to say my libido crashed a little, which isn’t really a bad thing cause before the EQ I was ready to jump on anything with pulse lol. No ED issues though, when it’s go time I’m ready to rock.


Great review @Raphael3636

I was taking half dose aspirin both times I ran EQ. I was on the lower end, 300mg E3D, 600/week. Even there I was happy with the results. Never did get the appetite thing though.


Unfortunately I am allergic to asprin, but I know it thins out the blood nicely. I figure with donating blood every couple months it should definitely help.


It is a great compound. I plan on running it again in the future just not on this next cycle I’m about to get ready to go on. Gonna be running Deca this time for a more extended cycle instead of my usual go to of NPP and shorter 8-10 weekers. Also going to be running @paramexer Primo and I’m absolutely stoked about it and can’t wait. Most likely won’t be fighting again until late August or September so I can take my time with this next cycle and really get the most out of the compounds I’m running and utilizing in my training. I’m happy to hear your loving @paramexer gear though. I couldn’t be happier with it myself.


I definitely have my sights set on the Primo as well, never ran it before so I would really like to see how I respond to it.


This will be my first run with it as well, really looking forward to it.

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